Tami Wollensak, CDLP, Certified Divorce Lending Professional, Senior Mortgage Loan Originator, Mutual Federal Bank

Meet Tami Wollensak, CDLP, Certified Divorce Lending Professional, Senior Mortgage Loan Originator, Mutual Federal Bank


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Tami Wollensak, CDLP, Certified Divorce Lending Professional, Senior Mortgage Loan Originator


Tami and I met last summer on LinkedIn, believe it or not. We had a nice conversation, and then I invited her to have lunch with me and another DGS partner, Elaine Moss.  A couple weeks later, when I walked into the restaurant, the two of them already seemed like they were good friends, talking and laughing about Lollapalooza, and the fact that every mother in the world hates that weekend because we spend it worrying about our kids!


A couple weeks later, I ended up meeting Tami again, this time with her manager, who heads up Oak Leaf Community Mortgage, which is a division of Mutual Federal Bank. Wow, I cannot even tell you how impressed I was with their knowledge, professionalism and business model. Tami, who has worked in the mortgage industry for two and a half decades, is so passionate about helping people going through a divorce get a mortgage or refinance. Having gone through a divorce herself, she really understands the mindset and has compassion and empathy for others in this situation.


I am not only proud to call Tami a DGS partner, but I am also enjoying her friendship so much. I love Tami’s energy, positive outlook, and warm, caring nature. I know her personality shines through with her clients. Getting a mortgage or refinancing can feel overwhelming and stressful, especially during a divorce. Tami takes that stress away with her calm nature, her warmth, and her expertise. She has done extensive training to help address mortgage issues that might come up during divorce. I am thrilled to be partnering with Tami, and would highly recommend her!



Tami’s Bio:


Tami Wollensak is a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) for Oak Leaf, a division of Mutual Federal Bank. Licensed to work in all 50 states, Tami has a heavy focus in Divorce Mortgage Planning, and a holistic approach to the process of evaluating mortgage options in the context of the overall financial objectives as they relate to divorcing situations. Tami has worked in the mortgage industry for 25+ years. To learn more, visit www.tamiwollensak.com.




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We were able to save $700 a month on our mortgage. I would definitely refer Tami and her team to any of my friends or family.Joya V


The process was quick and easy even during a challenging time with the Covid Pandemic. We are so happy with Tami and her team to get this done fast and efficiently during these times and it saved us a lot of money.Chris B


Tami was EXTREMELY helpful in this process. I was given 2 mortgage broker references by my realtor and Tami was the more responsive of the two. Even if she was on a conference call she called/texted ASAP. The application process moved smoothly. Any questions I had throughout the process were answered and addressed promptly.Sunita K





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