Elaine Moss, Vice-president and Senior Advisor Vestor Capital

Meet Elaine Moss, Vice-president and Senior Advisor for Vestor Capital


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Elaine Moss, Vice-president and Senior Advisor, Vestor Capital


It’s been over 6 years since I met Elaine Moss at a breakfast place on the North Shore, where we instantly connected. Shortly after, Vestor Capital became a Divorced Girl Smiling partner and I became a client of Vestor Capital. Elaine and her partner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Peter Mullins completed an extensive, detailed financial plan for me that was eye-opening, and paved the way for my making good life and financial decisions moving forward.


In some cases, people going through a divorce have often never been “in charge” of the family’s finances, and therefore have no idea what to do.  Other times, a person doesn’t want their money invested with the same financial person they used with their soon-to-be ex. This is why it’s a good idea to talk to a couple advisors, to see if you feel like the person is a good fit for you.


Elaine has this way of making people feel comfortable and calm, which isn’t easy for a lot of people when it comes to money! Both Elaine and Peter are wonderful listeners, and they always make you feel like they are there for you, and willing to spend as much time as you need. They go out of their way to make clients feel secure, comfortable and good about their portfolios. Over the past few years, I have referred many clients to Elaine and Peter, and they’ve gotten wonderful reviews.

Elaine’s Bio:

Elaine Moss is a Vice President and Senior Advisor at Vestor Capital. She has extensive experience in advising high-net-worth clients and providing holistic wealth management and planning to clients. She has a particular focus on working with women, especially those facing life transitions such as divorce. Elaine has been in the financial services industry since 1986. Prior to joining Vestor Capital, she worked for Bear Stearns, and Tucker Anthony. She holds a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Political Science from Tulane University. To contact Elaine, visit Vestor’s website, or email: emoss@vestorcapital.com.


To learn more or to contact Elaine at Vestor, visit the website or call: (312) 641-2400.

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