Divorce can feel overwhelming, scary and confusing…

It’s hard to know who you can trust.

You can trust these people.

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All coaches listed see clients all over the country and the world.

Anger Elimination

Mort OrmanDr. Mort Orman, MD


Alyssa DineenAlyssa Dineen

Divorce and Decision Making

Karen CovyKaren Covy, J.D. 

Divorce, Relationship and Life Coaching

Michèle HeffronMichèle Heffron, 

Separation, Divorce and Spiritual Coaching

Lisa LisserLisa Lisser,

High-Conflict Divorce and Co-parenting Coaching

Cherie MorrisCherie Morris, J.D.

Betrayal and Narcissistic Abuse Coaching

Jenine PowellJenine Marie Powell

Divorce Transition Coaching for High Achieving Women

Mardi Winder-AdamsMardi Winder-Adams

Parental Alienation

Jenna Noble Monique Mason Pathways Family Coaching, Parental Alienation and reunification

Cooking Retreats and Classes

Hannah McKitrickHannah McKitrick, My Intuitive Health

Divorce Coach Training

Divorce Coaches AcademyDivorce Coaches Academy

Plastic Surgery/Facial Procedures

Jeremy Warner Dr. Jeremy Warner, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon

Wills and Estate Planning Attorneys

Emily Rozwadowski Emily Rozwadowski, serves clients in Illinois

Organizations we support

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