Lisa Lisser, Attorney, Certified Divorce Coach, Founder, LZL Coaching

Meet Lisa Lisser, Attorney, Certified Divorce Coach, Founder, LZL Coaching

Lisa Lisser
Lisa Lisser, Attorney, Divorce Coach, Founder, LZL Coaching


“Where am I going to live?” “Will I be able to send my kids to college?” “Will I be alone forever?”  “Do I have to go back to work?” “Who am I now?” These are the kinds of questions newly separated people ask. I would know and so would Lisa Lisser, a divorced mom and an attorney turned divorce coach. Lisa founded her coaching company, LZL Coaching a few years ago to help people going through a divorce (or before or after) focus on their core issues, develop an action plan, prioritize the kids, and rediscover their best selves.

Wait till you talk to Lisa. She has such a positive energy, and will instantly make you feel inspired and hopeful. Lisa makes you feel like you’re not alone, and will help you find your self-esteem and strength. Additionally, Lisa is a spiritual counselor with the goal of helping you heal your soul. Also, did you know that divorce coaching saves you money? Indirectly, hiring a divorce coach will help you make better decisions (which could affect the outcome of your divorce.) It helps you divorce SMART, so you aren’t so emotional in the business part of your divorce. Coaching also helps you minimize conversations with your divorce attorney, hence, saving you money. I am so excited to have Lisa as a Divorced Girl Smiling trusted professional! Welcome, Lisa!


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Lisa’s Bio:

In her own words…

My background as a lawyer and mom who has survived divorce after a long term marriage gives me a perspective the other members of your divorce team simply don’t have.

My experience as a spiritual counselor gives me powerful tools that can help you climb out of the darkness and heal your soul.

My education background helps me understand where your children are developmentally, and how you can best support them.

And my 20 plus years of non-profit leadership enables me to mentor you so you can find the answers you need now. You are the leader of your own life! I’m here to tell you, you matter.


Lisa, Certified Divorce Coach practiced litigation law before choosing to stay home with her young children. While at home with her kids, she became deeply involved in non-profit work. She supported her community as a public speaker and advocate. She designed community wide programs and was an active participant on multiple non-profit boards. A lifelong learner, she went back to school, earned her masters in Jewish education and became a certified spiritual counselor.

Now, a CDC certified divorce coach, Lisa is blending her talents and life experiences to do the work she was meant to do. She understands the complicated process of divorce through both legal eyes and personal experience. With empathy and compassion, she will help reduce your overwhelm, provide you with a sounding board, and give you the confidence you need to move through your divorce and launch into the next stage of your life. Learn more here.

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“Lisa has an engaging, intelligent communication style that I could trust. I always knew she had my back.” – Jane G.

“Lisa listens fully. She really heard what I needed and helped me find the inner strength to make smart decisions.” – Jodi H.

“My confidence grew immensely while working with Lisa.” – Amy M.

“Inspiring, insightful with sound advice, Lisa gave me the confidence to go out there and make it happen.” – Jacqui C.

“Lisa brings the trifecta to her practice: the legal background to give practical advice, the spiritual background to provide wisdom, and the lived experience to offer compassion. I highly recommend Lisa as a coach and partner during the challenging times divorce can often bring.” – Amy A.





Articles by Lisa:

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