What is a Trusted Divorce Professional?

What exactly is a DGS trusted divorce professional?


A core part of the Divorced Girl Smiling mission is to connect my community of readers, listeners and followers with smart, dedicated, and TRUSTworthy divorce professionals, all who are passionate about helping men and women before, during and after divorce.

From divorce law firms to mediators to financial planners to real estate agents, mortgage lenders, divorce coaches, a forensic accountant, therapists and more, the trusted divorce professionals listed on Divorced Girl Smiling all meet one or more of these criteria:

*I am currently a client or have been a client in the past.

*I know them personally.

*I have thoroughly vetted them through recommendations from people who have worked with them.

*We have many mutual, professional contacts.


While I can’t guarantee the outcome of any experience, I will say this. I am not only fully committed to choosing trusted divorce professionals who I believe will give you the best possible outcome in your divorce and after, but I’m passionate about it. I owe that to you as a Divorced Girl Smiling community member and as an individual who is where I was several years ago–in need of TRUSTED divorce professionals.

The trusted professionals on this site are in my opinion people who will listen to you, respect you, empower you, care about your wellbeing, and ultimately do their best to make sure you are happy and healthy.

If you choose to reach out to any of them, it’s up to you to interview them and decide for yourself if they are the right fit. Your gut will give you the answer. Also, if you ever want to talk to me personally or ask me questions about one of my trusted partners, I would be happy to talk with you. You may reach out at Jackie@divorcedgirlsmiling.com.

* Disclaimer: Divorced Girl Smiling is a media company, which means that my trusted partners are sponsors, and I do receive monetary compensation from them.






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