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Divorce Coaches Academy® is the industry leader when it comes to training divorce coaches who are prepared with both effective coaching skills and professional conflict resolution strategies.

If you’ve ever considered a career as a professional divorce coach or thought about adding coaching skills to your current practice, Divorce Coaches Academy® offers a revolutionary approach to divorce coaching based on a combination of ADR principles, conflict management strategies, and a proven coaching framework. When individuals get better at conflict and communication, they have a better divorce. So DCA anchors every teaching in the principles of early and alternative dispute resolution.

The DCA leadership team is made up of an experienced international group of practicing ADR professionals who are in touch with the current landscape of divorce around the world. They know what clients are seeking, what makes mediation and negotiation effective, and what it takes to build a successful divorce coaching business. That means you’ll get all the theory and education along with instructors who can get real with you about what it’s like to do this work.

DCA’s Certified ADR Divorce Coach training program begins with a 10-week hybrid educational curriculum including both video-based and live learning. It’s the best of both worlds that works around your busy lifeThen you’ll work with a professional, experienced mentor coach for 9 weeks to put your learning into practice in a supportive, collaborative environment.

DCA is on a mission to reduce the financial and emotional impact of divorce on families.

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Meet DCA Co-Founders, Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak

Tracy Callahan and Debra Doak

Tracy Callahan, co-founder of Divorce Coaches Academy®, is an impassioned educator and a committed advocate for the ongoing professional development and practice of divorce coaches, nationally and internationally. Tracy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the profession of Divorce Coaching as a pioneer in the field. In addition to running and managing her own independent practice, Mediating-Matters, LLC, she has developed and managed mentor and peer coaching programs for years in Divorce Coach education and training. Tracy is a podcaster, presenter and contributing author to the best selling book, Divorce: Taking the High Road: Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce.

Practicing as a Certified ADR Divorce Coach, NY Unified Court and FL Supreme CourtCertified Family Mediator, Tracy has built her practice and reputation as an alternative dispute resolution specialist and conflict expert over the past 14 years. She received her BS and MA from New York University in healthcare and worked as a healthcare administrator, operations specialist, and adjunct professor at NYU, for many years prior to joining the field of mediation and divorce coaching.

Debra Doak is the co-founder of Divorce Coaches Academy®, a Certified Divorce Coach, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst©, Family Court Mediator, podcast host, and the author of High-Conflict Divorce for Women. In addition to working one-on-one with clients, Debra focuses her time developing and training new divorce coaches and raising awareness about the value of professional divorce coaching. She is an experienced instructor, mentor coach, speaker and group facilitator. 

Debra is dedicated to the profession of divorce coaching and its role as a method of early/alternative dispute resolution. She believes that while all divorce involves some degree of conflict, transformational work at the individual level can be the key to successful resolution of divorce and co-parenting disputes..

She received her BS in Economics and Math from Allegheny College and pursued graduate studies in Econometrics at The Ohio State University. Debra’s career prior to divorce coaching included positions in the financial services industry as VP of operations, as the Communications director for a large church and as PR/Marketing director for a national manufacturer.

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This has been the BEST certification program — and I did a LOT of research before choosing it. Super high value, solid tech, clearly a great deal of time and dedication put into it — and best of all I felt it was Values-based, rather than solely profit-oriented. Plenty of attention to that too, but this is a solid, broad foundation and I’m so glad I certified through you guys!! – Heather Hanslin

Clear, Concise Training. This was an organized, valuable training that left me with a confident command of mediation preparation for clients. – Carolyn Jacobs

The DCA team is not only approachable but also highly professional, and their well-structured course made the learning process smooth and engaging. I cannot recommend DCA’s services enough! DCA is a valuable resource for personal and professional growth in the field of divorce coaching and relationships. – Jodie Dick

I am very well versed on High conflict personalities, both personally as well as professionally, but am always looking to add more education and knowledge so that I can be the very best coach and resource for the women I work with as they divorce HCP.  This two part course series was incredibly valuable and very informative, truthfully more so than I expected- I was very pleasantly surprised, as they are such short courses, yet pack a very powerful punch and the presenters were very articulate and well versed. – Chantal Contorines

My DCA training has been transformative. My biggest takeaway was how important it is to take a different approach during conflict. A small shift can change everything. The skills from the program apply in way more than just coaching. Debra and Tracy are excellent instructors with a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend this program!! – Kelli Sedwick-Drummond

Fantastic content! I learned a bunch of new skills in this class that can be applied to divorce coaching or conflict coaching.  The class was interactive and a lot of examples were provided, which is often very helpful.  I also love that the last class spoke about coaching as a business.  Excellent tips for bringing coaching into your business. – Marian Grande

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