Tracy Coenen, CPA, Forensic Accountant and Creator of the Divorce Money Guide

Meet Tracy Coenen, CPA, Forensic Accountant and Creator of the Divorce Money Guide

Tracy Coenen
Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, CFF, Forensic Accountant, Creator, Divorce Money Guide


One of the most stressful aspects of getting divorced is feeling like your spouse might be hiding money. To hire a forensic accountant (or to have your divorce attorney do that) can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and a lot of people either can’t afford that, or they don’t think it’s worth it because it’s so costly. Well, CPA and Forensic Accountant, Tracy Coenen has you covered!


Tracy developed a tool to find out if your ex is hiding money. It’s called the Divorce Money Guide. It’s a 10-step handbook that walks you through what to do to find the money. You walk away with either a complete sense of relief because you now know he/she isn’t hiding money, or you walk away with proof to give to your attorney, who can now take action to make sure your divorce is fair and equitable.


I have had a few conversations with Tracy and I cannot tell you how impressed I am with her as a professional, as well as with the Divorce Money Guide. This is a no-brainer! You are spending tens of thousands of dollars on your attorney, and investing in the Divorce Money Guide is like paying for one hour of your attorney’s time, and could prove to be the most valuable investment you made so far!


I am thrilled and proud to have Tracy as a DGS partner, as I know she is going to help countless men and women benefit financially, and achieve their desired divorce outcome from a financial standpoint.


Tracy’s Bio:


Tracy Coenen, CPA, CFF, is a nationally recognized CPA and forensic accountant, who focuses on finding hidden money in divorce cases. A solo practitioner for over two decades, Coenen also works in the areas of fraud investigation and corporate litigation. Coenen is the creator and founder of the Divorce Money Guide, a 10-step handbook for men and women getting divorced aimed to help determine if a spouse is hiding money. 

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“As a divorce mediator, I know that being unorganized and unfamiliar with finances in a divorce significantly diminishes the ability to negotiate the best deal. The Divorce Money Guide is a user-friendly tool that helps your organize and familiarize you with your finances so that you can balance the bargaining power and achieve a fair resolution.” – Kimberly A. Cook, Divorce & Family Mediator


“Wild goose chases are expensive. My clients wasted a fortune chasing non-existent hidden assets. But sometimes there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That goal was nearly always found because our motivated, diligent,  educated client did their homework. Divorce Money Guide teaches you what you need to know so that you can find your pot of gold.” – Lee Rosen, 30+ years as a divorce lawyer


“Divorce is stressful. Tracy’s guide helped me feel confident going into court. I knew our financial situation inside and out.” – Suzanne


“Tracy’s Divorce Money Guide not only saved me from an expensive and contentious divorce, the online handbook educated me on what to look for, when to seek help, and how to save money. I appreciated the knowledge and actionable items, as well as the peace of mind!” – Kate


“Following Tracy’s step-by-step advice will give you the tools you need to solve the financial mystery in your divorce, and prove it to a court, if necessary. If you can’t hire Tracy, this is the next best thing!” – Raiford Palmer, J.D., Managing Shareholder, STG Law


“Divorce is hard but there is one thing to make it easier. Divorce Money Guide is the perfect answer to all your financial questions. With real life examples and experience of seeing behind the financial curtain, this is a must-have. Do you think money is missing from your marriage? Do you think there could be fraud in the financials? Divorce Money Guide gets you started and saves so much money because you put it together. Don’t pay attorney fees to do this work. This is part of you getting to understand what happens financially as part of your divorce.” – Kelly Paxton, Fraud Investigator, Pink Collar Crime


Written by Tracy:

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