Catherine Becker Good, Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

Meet Catherine Becker Good, Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

Catherine Becker Good, Divorce Attorney, Founder, Law Office of Catherine Becker Good


When a professional who I completely look up to and respect and trust tells me about another professional who in her words is “a really smart, trustworthy, amazing divorce attorney,” I am immediately interesting in having a conversation with that person. That’s what happened with Catherine Becker Good. Catherine is a Massachusetts divorce attorney who has been practicing law for 30 years.

In my pursuit to bring trustworthy, experienced divorce professional resources to the DGS community, I am proud to add Catherine to the DGS partner team. Let’s start with her website. The quote under Catherine’s name reads, “I treat every client as if they are my only client.” I loved that because from someone who went through a divorce and oftentimes felt like “just another case” to my attorneys, this is very important to me.

Catherine has a wonderful and warm personality. She is a mother of two adult children, who understands that mother-child bond and the importance of financial support and a custody schedule that feels right to a parent. She is experienced in divorce litigation, and has appeared before many of the judges and staff in her area. But Catherine is also passionate about her clients mediating the divorce if that seems possible.

Catherine has also practiced law in other areas, including wills and estate planning, so if you need a new will and trust after your divorce is final, Catherine can help with that, as well!

I am so excited and proud to be working with Catherine!


Jackie Pilossoph, Creator and Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling

Catherine’s Bio:

After over 30 years of hands-on experience working in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Attorney Catherine Becker Good has developed a trusting and personal approach to interacting with her clients that makes them feel safe, supported, and heard during a vulnerable time. Catherine fully understands that the Probate Court experience can be overwhelming and confusing. She is committed to easing the anxiety and stress that all too often accompanies the probate court process by standing with you and for you as she advocates on your behalf.

Catherine has appeared before most judges in the Probate Courts across the state. This exposure to various courts and the particular practices of each judge has provided Catherine with the necessary insight to navigate through the individual nuances of various judges and court personnel. She will work with you to strategize a legal course of action that best benefits you.

As a skilled negotiator and mediator, Catherine remains focused and calm during highly contentious situations, which helps her clients do the same. With the innate ability to sense when to litigate and when to compromise, Catherine has developed a solid reputation with both clients and court officials built on her impeccable professionalism and legal knowledge. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, visit her website.

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“Catherine Good was very direct, proficient and knowledgeable about her craft in being a divorce attorney, Catherine was able to provide information and outcomes that I had not received from a prior attorney. she supported me during a difficult time in my life and I was so thankful for her assistance.”


-Judy, April 2021

“I highly recommend Catherine Becker Good as a divorce attorney. She has a very calming presence and educates you as a client so you do not feel lost in the process. She is very understanding and takes time to listen. This combined with her knowledge and professionalism makes her someone you feel happy and confident to have in your corner.”


-Yvonne H., August 2020

“I highly recommend Catherine for anybody going through a divorce. She is professional, kind, and steadfast in representing her clients. She always returns calls and emails, as this is a very confusing and emotional time. Her calming reassurance combined with her experience and knowledge is extremely valuable.”


-Carol T., September 2020

“Catherine has truly been a blessing. Having come into our lengthy, ongoing case, her clear and fair minded approach has changed the direction of our highly contentious situation. She is a skilled mediator whom I can always rely on for clarity, honesty, and complete support. Catherine is always focused on doing what is best for our family and I highly recommend her.”


-Lisa R., February 2019

“Catherine is a very experienced lawyer. She projects the confidence and peace that I desperately needed in my difficult legal process. She is extremely supportive and a very respectful listener. She was always there when I needed her, and weekends and nights were never too busy for her to reply my emails. Her office staff is very welcoming and courteous. I highly recommend Catherine. Catherine, thank you for all your support and every word of encouragement during such a difficult time.”


-R. Mirabal, January 2019


Articles by Catherine:

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