Affiliates in Counseling and The Center for Divorce Recovery (Chicago and Suburban offices)

Meet Affiliates in Counseling and the Center for Divorce Recovery–Jason Price, co-Founder and LMFT, and Rebecca Sheinman, LSW.


Jason Price, LMFT, co-Founder, Affiliates in Counseling and the Center for Divorce Recovery


I have known Jason for at least a decade, and coincidentally, he has been the therapist for one of my close friend’s son for several years. She actually teared up when talking about how much Jason has helped him.


With his wisdom, his caring, compassionate demeanor, and his passion for emotional wellness, Jason has not only built his own successful practice, but he has helped build a very large therapy practice that is well known and respected in the Chicagoland area.


Rebecca Sheinman, LSW, Affiliates in Counseling/Center for Divorce Recovery

I met Rebecca a few months ago and truly have enjoyed her contagious energy and passion for helping kids and young adults. She is smart and experienced and it’s so clear that she truly cares about her patients.

Rebecca is a licensed social worker who provides individual and family therapy to kids, adolescents and adults of all ages. She earned her masters degree in Clinical Social Work from University of Chicago and her bachelors degree in organizational psychology from The University of Michigan. Rebecca has worked in a variety of settings including schools, private practices, and community mental health settings. 

As a native New Yorker, Rebecca has previously worked on Wall Street and understands the stress of Corporate America and the impacts work has on our life outside of the office. As a therapist, Rebecca believes her role is to encourage, support, and collaborate with clients on their journey of growth and healing. Rebecca specializes in working with both children of parents getting a divorce by giving them a safe space to feel heard, and individual adults on major life transitions, identity exploration, self-esteem, and sex and sexuality. 

Rebecca works out of the Northbrook office and offers both in person and telehealth sessions. Feel free to call her and set up a free 15 minute consultation – (872) 216-0288. 

With over 20 therapists, all with different specialties, Affiliates in Counseling/Center for Divorce Recovery is a practice that truly puts the client first. I have personally been a client of the practice, and know several other people who see therapists there, both for themselves and their children. When people are going through a divorce, therapy, both for parents and for kids is so important. I truly trust Jason and his team to meet this need.

Affiliates in Counseling/The Center for Divorce Recovery has offices in Chicago, Northbrook, and Naperville. To learn more or to contact Jason, or to set up an appointment with one of the therapists, visit the website, or call: (847) 480-0300.

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