Michele Heffron, Divorce Coach and Life Strategist

Meet Michèle Heffron, Life, Relationship and Divorce Coach

Michèle Heffron
Michèle Heffron, Life, Relationship and Divorce Coach

Fear, doubt and self-sabotage are three things that divorcing women are prone to, myself included all those years ago. When I was getting divorced, I wish I’d have had an opportunity to work with Michèle to help me with those emotions, and to help me get back on track and to a life I love. (I got there, but it would have been sooo much easier and would  have happened quicker with Michèle’s help! There is so much to figure out after divorce and Michèle has the training, the experience, and the passion to do that.

What I love so much about Michèle is her story. She has lived the life of the demographic she is passionate about helping. Michèle said she hit rock bottom when she got divorced over a decade ago. With a collage-aged daughter and junior high-school aged son, she had no job, no money in the bank, and not even a credit card!

At age 49, Michèle set out to reinvent herself going back into the work force, raising her kids, caring for her aging parents, and then of course, starting her coaching practice. There is a positivity, a great energy and such class and grace I see in Michèle. I am so excited to have her on the Divorced Girl Smiling Trusted Professional team!


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Michèle’s Bio:

Michèle Heffron, Life, Relationship & Divorce Coach, Podcaster, Speaker & Writer – Helping people get to the heart of who they are and what they’re meant for.

A certified life, relationship, and divorce coach who draws on her own life experiences with divorce, career transitions, money issues, and relationship dynamics to help other people navigate through their own life transitions. Michèle’s personal belief in the power of coaching is a living testament to what’s possible for us all when we simply let things go, ask for help, and open up our hearts to see what else is possible. Whether faced with something as monumental as a divorce, becoming an empty-nester, or simply looking for what’s next in life, Michèle guides her clients through the process of transformation by listening, asking questions (the kind your girlfriends would never ask), and provides a safe, nonjudgemental space for them to share and express feelings while they gain clarity about their path forward in their new life.

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Michèle Heffron

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Podcast: Getting to the Heart: Life, Relationships, Divorce


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“Michèle’s coaching helped me make a sound and informed decision about my divorce and helped me move beyond my marriage with grace and dignity and helped me rebuild my life and start a career. Today, my relationship with my kids is healthy and strong, and I have even developed a better and healthier relationship with my former husband.” – Margaret

“At 57, I found myself alone and lost when my husband and soul mate suddenly died early in 2020 just as COVID was ramping up. I was feeling depressed and lonely and had no idea what was next for me. Through a friend, I found Michèle and felt so much at ease with her. We began working together to set a course for my new life towards a vision she helped me create. I rediscovered my passion for sewing and creating beautiful quilts and for my love of travel. I learned that I could do so much more than what I thought I could and am now living my life again.” – Sarah


Michele Heffron, Divorce Coach, Life Strategist


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