Erik Feig, Mediator, Founder, Feig Mediation Group

Meet Erik Feig, Mediator, Certified Co-parenting Specialist, Disability Informed Professional, Founder, Feig Mediation Group


Erik Feig
Erik Feig, Mediator, Co-parenting Specialist, Disability Informed Professional, Founder, Feig Mediation Group


Family focused is the best way to describe Erik Feig’s mediation practice. The veteran attorney turned mediator practices many types of mediation, which include divorce, business disputes and elder care issues. Being a father in a neurodiverse family, Erik also has a strong commitment to working with parents of neurodiverse and special needs children and is a Disability Informed Professional.

Erik’s passion for helping divorcing couples is so apparent in the conversations we have had. , Also a Certified Co-parenting specialist, he strives to help parents become empowered, and to get through the divorce process amicably and with an outcome both feel is fair and equitable. Furthermore, he teaches co-parents how to communicate so that post-divorce, they learn how to solve problems together. Everyone benefits greatly, especially children. I am so excited to have Erik as a DGS trusted partner, and proud to be affiliated with Feig Mediation Group.


Jackie Pilossoph, Creator and Editor-in-chief, Divorced Girl Smiling


Erik’s Bio:

As the founder of Feig Mediation Group, based in Bethesda, MD, Erik specializes in helping parents and families through pivotal life decisions and transitions. His nationwide practice offers support to parents, co-parents, and families, especially those with children or adults who have special needs or are neurodivergent.


His mediation approach aims to reduce stress, de-escalate conflict, and unlock opportunities to move forward beyond the sticking points that impede progress. For Erik, it’s not just about resolving immediate disputes and disagreements; it’s about establishing a foundation for ongoing, more positive cooperation and communication, whether parenting happens under one roof or co-parenting is across separate homes.


As a parent in a neurodiverse family himself, Erik understands the complexities that come with raising children with additional needs. This experience deeply informs his work and fuels his commitment to fostering empathetic and constructive dialogues.


Commitment and Perspective: Erik’s mission is to transform parent and family conflicts into more constructive, collaborative paths to resolutions. He offers a real-time structured support system for parents that facilitates more productive engagement, helping them align on decisions vital for their children’s and family’s well-being.


Serving Diverse Family Situations: Every family’s story is unique, as are their needs and challenges.


Erik mediates a broad range of situations and dynamics, including working with parents who are together but not aligned, navigating the entire separation and divorce process, addressing big and small co-parenting disagreements, updating parenting plans post-divorce, managing blended family and step-family dynamics, resolving adult sibling and extended family disputes, and facilitating elder care decisions. He helps families create individualized solutions that emphasize forward planning and future-focused dialogue.


Skills & Expertise: As a Co-Parenting Specialist and Disability-Informed Professional trained in high-conflict situations and dynamics, he keeps his clients focused on the welfare and needs of not only the individuals but also of the entire family.


A lifelong learner who believes strongly that every day offers opportunities to learn and expand how he may better serve the families he works with, Erik is a member and contributor to two professional discussion and learning groups, including through the Mosten Guthrie Academy, where he shares best practices with other leaders in the field. He is a member mediator on the rosters of Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals of Maryland and Collaborative Professionals of Baltimore, is a volunteer mediator with the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center of Howard County, and is on the roster of approved mediators for the Circuit Court of the City of Baltimore, MD.


If you’re seeking support for a more cooperative and compassionate future for your family, Erik invites you to connect and explore how he can support you in laying a positive foundation for the future you and your children deserve.


Feig Mediation Group


“When we started, I felt like there was no way we could get through our divorce without a court battle about how we would co-parent our kids, one of whom had learning differences. Erik understood what we needed – he helped us develop a parenting plan that was flexible and made me feel more confident about how we’ll be able to meet their needs.” – A.E.  

“Erik was the calming presence we needed. When we first spoke with him about mediation, we were barely speaking and I was feeling pretty negative about being able to work anything out. We were able to mediate a parenting plan we both could agree to, and I feel like if we get to a point again where we can’t agree on things ourselves, we’ll have a mediator who’ll be there to help us work it out.” – N.G.

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