Katz & Stefani, a Chicago Divorce Law Firm

Meet Daniel Stefani, Divorce Attorney, Principal and co-Founder, Katz & Stefani, a Chicago Divorce Law Firm


Daniel Stefani, Divorce Attorney, Principal and co-Founder, Katz & Stefani


I originally met Dan Stefani almost 20 years ago. We met through friends, we live in the same community, our kids go to school together and we belonged to the same gym for a long time.


Dan, who has been practicing divorce law for 27 years, is extremely well-known and well-respected in the divorce law industry, and is known for his success in litigating divorce cases. Equally important, I find Dan to be extremely compassionate, kind and caring to his clients. Dan has immense respect for the law, and much dedication for servicing his clients.


I have reached out to Dan over the years for consultations for my own divorce, and he has always been extremely helpful. His co-Founder, Andre Katz, as well as the other 9 partners and associates at Katz & Stefani are all unique in their specialties, and all highly regarded in the industry. Someone to whom I recently referred Dan sent me a really nice note which said, “I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know what I would have done without Dan.”


Katz & Stefani has offices in Chicago and Riverwoods. To learn more about the firm or to contact them, visit the website, or call: (312) – 364-9000.



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