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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, billionaire, entrepreneur and Shark Tank shark is now an investor in Divorced Girl Smiling. Mark is happily married, but understands and shares Divorced Girl Smiling's passion to empower and inspire people facing divorce. How did this come about? I've known Mark my whole life. Our families are dear friends. If you ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you that 10 years ago when I started Divorced Girl Smiling, I would tell people, "My goal is to have Mark Cuban as an investor in this company one day." After a lot of hard work to make this happen, I am thrilled that day is here! - Jackie Pilossoph, Founder, Divorced Girl Smiling


What is Discernment Counseling and Is It Right for You?

February 22, 2024 . Erin Birt

what is discernment counseling

Relationships are complex journeys, often marked by twists, turns, and unexpected crossroads. Whether you're facing doubts, uncertainties, or contemplating major decisions, including divorce, about the future of your relationship, it's essential to h...

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15 Reasons Single Men Over 40 Prefer Dating Women Their Age

February 21, 2024 . Jackie Pilossoph

single men over 40

If you are a woman dating over 40, it can seem really scary in the sense that you might think single men over 40 only want to date younger women. Well, guess what? I interviewed 5 single men over 40, asking them about dating, and what aged women they...

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Homeownership after Divorce: An Introductory Guide

February 19, 2024 . Karen Ranquist

Embarking on the path to homeownership after divorce is a transformative journey- one that holds both challenges and empowerment. With 24 years of real estate and development expertise and personal experience overcoming divorce, I am here to provide ...

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5 Things You Need to Know about Pet Custody and Divorce

February 18, 2024 . Karis Nafte

pet custody

You don't have to tell me. I know how much you love and care about your dog. Divorce is beyond difficult, and when you add in pet custody, it can get a lot more complicated, painful and emotional. That said, have conversations about pet custody are a...

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8 Pieces of Advice For Those Dating Someone New

February 17, 2024 . Jackie Pilossoph

dating someone new

Dating someone new is the best! It's a blissful, fairytale-like time that is meant to be enjoyed. All that said, let's be honest, there is so much infatuation going on that the couple can't see a single fault in the other person. In other words, each...

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