Mardi Winder-Adams, Divorce Coach, Founder, Positive Communication Systems

Meet Mardi Winder-Adams, Divorce Coach, Founder, Positive Communication Systems


Mardi Winder-Adams
Mardi Winder-Adams, Certified Divorce Transition Coach, Founder, Positive Communication Systems


“It is easy to become overwhelmed emotionally and financially by the divorce process, and it’s easy for the divorce to spiral out of control with devastating results.” Those are the words of Mardi Winder-Adams, who has spent the past severeal years coaching high-achieving women before, during and after divorce.

What I love about Mardi is that she brings so much experience to the table, (including 25 years as a credentialed mediator),  she’s a great listener, and she has a tremendous passion to help women become empowered, confident and healthy again!

“I know how often women’s voices are not heard in mediation, negotiation, and discussions throughout the legal process.” – Mardi Winder-Adams

I am so excited to call Mardi a Divorced Girl Smiling trusted professional. Welcome, Mardi!


Jackie Pilossoph, Founder, Divorced Girl Smiling


Mardi’s Bio:


Mardi Winder-Adams is a Certified Divorce Transition Coach and a Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS), as well as a Board Certified Executive and Leadership Coach working with entrepreneurs and executives. With over a decade of coaching experience and over 25 years as a credentialed mediator in the United States and Canada, Mardi knows how often women’s voices are not heard in mediation, negotiation, and discussions throughout the legal process.

Through experiencing her own divorce and working with women through the divorce process, Mardi can empathize with the stress, frustration, overwhelm, and challenge of this life-changing event. She is here to support you in getting the right professionals, resources, and processes in place for you to go through divorce confidently and on your own terms.

Divorce is difficult, messy, and sometimes even ugly, but you don’t have to go through it on your own. 

Mardi’s services are most effective for women who are :

    • In the process of separation or divorce
    • Interested in making the best decisions on behalf of themselves and their children
    • Focused on minimizing the financial impact of divorce
    • Want to have confidence they are in control of the process


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“I started working with Mardi as an executive coach several years ago. This year, after making the difficult decision to divorce, I called on her again. From our first meeting I felt more informed and in control of my divorce, resulting in feeling confident and empowered throughout this very difficult time in my life.”

– Maria V.

“Going through divorce in my 50’s I was almost paralyzed about making decisions and knowing what to do and how to choose. My attorney fees were going through the roof as I was constantly on the phone with him. He actually recommended Mardi and I know I saved thousands of dollars in legal fees by knowing how to talk to my attorney and what he could help me with and where to go for non-legal information about the process. ”

– Jaleasha H.

“I was feeling in freefall throughout my separation and the upcoming divorce. I hired the wrong lawyer who did not listen to me or seem to care about what I wanted. In working with Mardi, I clarifed what I wanted in a lawyer and I completed interviews and hired the right attorney – something I had no idea how to do. Mardi has also helped me to save over 175k by recommending I hire an appraiser for some property and assets that I had previously undervalued and was willing to let my ex have for way below market price. Definitely recommend her services if you have any type of assets and if conflict and distrust is a factor in your relationship.”

– Lauren H.



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