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The Free Consult


You probably have a million questions. You might feel overwhelmed, scared and confused. You might feel like no one understands what you are going through. Maybe you just want to be heard and validated about how unfair this is and how much pain you are in.

Most importantly, maybe you don’t know who you can trust when it comes to divorce professionals you need to hire. This is where I can help. I will listen and uncover your needs, and recommend divorce professionals that can include:

This can include:

  • Divorce attorney

  • Mediator

  • Financial advisor

  • Real estate agent

  • Divorce coach

  • Therapist

  • Diamond and ring buyer

Remember that working with really good divorce professionals is key in getting a divorce outcome you are truly happy with! We are here to help you achieve that.


“I’m not a therapist, I’m not a divorce coach, but I’m someone who went through this at 41 years old with two toddlers, no family in town, and no friends who were divorced (at the time.) I wish I would have the DGS FREE consult! This is my way of giving back and helping others because I understand how hard life seems right now.”     

Jackie Pilossoph, Creator, Divorced Girl Smiling


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The Free Consult

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