Karis Nafte, Founder, Who Keeps the Dog?

Meet Karis Nafte, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Accredited Mediator, Founder, Who Keeps the Dog?


Karis Nafte
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Accredited Family Mediator


In a divorce, who keeps the dog? It might or might not surprise you to know that this is a huge issue in countless divorces. The thought of losing your dog in a divorce can feel devastating, painful and extremely stressful. This issue is the driving force for why Karis Nafte decided to become a Dog/Pet Mediator and Custody Specialist. Bringing 25 years of experience as a dog behavior specialist, Karis’s mission is to help find solutions in pet custody situations that make families happy, but that also help the dog feel secure, happy and stay well-behaved. Talking with Karis, I can feel her passion and dedication. I am so excited to have her as a DGS Trusted Professional. Welcome, Karis!


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Karis’s Bio:


I am a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC) specialising in Pet Custody. I have a deep understanding of animal behavior and psychology enabling me to teach and advise divorce professionals and individuals how to resolve pet custody issues by placing the pets best interest first.

The Pet Custody Course – designed to give lawyers and mediators new insight, clear understanding and tools to offer their clients solutions for the long-term well-being of their dogs.

During the course you will learn:
-The impact of shared custody vs sole custody on dogs
-Models for shared custody plans that best suit dogs
-Best practice for transitioning to sole/shared custody, common mistakes to avoid
-Humanising, weaponizing, and bargaining over pets

Pet Custody Mediation services – As a qualified Family Mediator I help couples decide what is best for their dogs in a breakup.


Together we will explore:

-Shared custody vs sole custody
-Breed, age, bonding of your dogs.

Working directly with me is easy! Here’s what you need to do:

Go to my website: www.whokeepsthedog.com
Fill out the contact form and I will be in touch with you to set up a time.

Alternatively, email me directly: karis@whokeepsthedog.com

I work globally and will assist you in exactly what you need to know in order to develop your skills in this area or resolve your own challenging and often difficult decisions of who keeps the dog?

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Who Keeps the Dog?



“Karis gave an insightful, interesting and helpful presentation on pet custody for the Kentucky Bar Association. The information that Karis shared was at once unique, important and relevant to a wide range of practice areas”.

The Kentucky Bar Association 

“Karis fills the void of information regarding what happens to the family pet, from a behavioral standpoint, when there has been a separation between Owners/Guardians.”

Marci Kraft – Child Custody Recommending Counselor / Mediator. California

“Karis really has mastered both the mediation world and animal behavior. She switches hats effortlessly and has produced a valuable course. In doing so, you get to enjoy her warm personality so that learning is a pleasure, not a chore. A great new tool in my toolbox.”

Laura Lorber – Mediator. California

“I would recommend the Pet Custody Mediation Course in the highest terms…Karis was endlessly supportive, providing helpful resources and practical tips and guidance which built confidence amongst the class participants, whilst providing a handy reference pack for practitioners.”

Dr. Jane Bryan, Mediator, United Kingdom

“I loved this training! Your Pet Custody Webinar was fascinating and not only will I use the information and guidance you provided in my mediation practice…”

Carloyn Kalos – Mediator. New York

“I enjoyed the webinar a great deal! Karis is an excellent presenter and the information she provided is unique and thorough.”

Laura Dadagian-O’Rourke – Mediator. Massachusetts


Articles by Karis:

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