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Meet Phil LaGiglia, Senior Vice-President, North Shore Trust & Savings

I first met Phil about 4 years ago, and I have to say that from the minute I started talking to him, I respected and adored him. Phil is one of the most personable people I know, and PERFECT for the mortgage business. He’s smart, experienced, and has a passion to help men and women facing divorce finance or re-finance a home. Phil, who is also a divorced dad (and remarried) understands that fearful mindset people going through a divorce have when it comes to the home and finances. Phil is so kind and he is a great listener, and has a wonderful energy about him! I am just thrilled to call him a Divorced Girl Smiling Trusted Professional. Welcome, Phil!

Phil’s Bio:

Philip LaGiglia is a seasoned executive who for the last 30+ years has successfully built from start up, grew, and stabilized numerous mortgage lending platforms within the mortgage and banking industries. Phil promotes within his management style a culture that focuses on Faith, Family, and Business being the order of priority for each employee to support a balanced life style that breeds overall success for all staff members in every aspect of life. A firm believer in identifying purpose and applying a plan around that purpose, Phil is a driven leader who leads by example knowing any success is achieved by the efforts of all. Learn more and connect with Phil here.

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Phil LaGiglia, Oak Leaf Mortgage



“I am so grateful I was referred to you and Oak Leaf. After being denied multiple times by other lenders because of the delinquencies in payment on my past mortgage with my ex that they were responsible to pay for per the final decree, you approved me with your portfolio loan products and common-sense underwriting. Without the care you took in hearing my story and reviewing my application’s detail that validated my circumstances shared, I do not have the new home I do today. You all are amazing. Thank you.” Paul C.


“And just like that another chapter has been closed and on to a new chapter in my life. I just signed all the paper work for my house in my name only. My mom and dad has raised one strong women even though I fell and felt like I couldn’t get up I did and I’m never looking back. My daughters and I got this I’m so happy I can finally breath. Thank you my older brother who helped me find amazing people to help me refinance my house.” Christy R.


“Just wanted to say thank you to the whole team at Oak Leaf Community Mortgage. I know I wasn’t an easy customer and let the stress of my divorce show in my emotions at times in how I interacted, but you all stayed professional and carried this loan to the finish line for me. I will recommend you to all my family and friends. Thank you.“ Paul A.


“You all were amazing. Between the difficulties my ex caused, the timeline crunch we were under, and the exceptions you made for me to close my loan, I am forever grateful. Without your special loan programs that gave me the opportunity to secure a loan, I would not have my new home. Thank you for all you have done that has helped me and my kids be in this new home before the holidays.” Sharon M.


“As a property investor who has done dozens of loan closings, I have not experienced this type of old school relationship lending with customized loan programs that provide solutions for different needs in today’s market in decades. Kudos to your leadership’s mindset around the programs you have created. My ex and I would have not been able to each buy our separate homes in the manner we did that saved us from using most of our liquidity. I will certainly refer you to all my professional and personal relationships. Thank you.” Carl S.


“My financial divorce requirements are finally done, all because of you. This completes the last tie to my ex. I can finally breathe. You and your team saved me. I still can’t believe you were able to get me a mortgage everyone in my circle said I wouldn’t get. So grateful to my attorney Ray for referring you to me. I will be telling everyone who needs a mortgage to contact you.” Aimee E.


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