Hannah McKitrick, Founder, My Intuitive Health

Meet Hannah McKitrick, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Culinary Instructor, Founder, My Intuitive Health


Hannah McKitrick
Hannah McKitrick, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Culinary Instructor


As a divorced mom who raised two kids, I struggled the entire time they were growing up–trying to work, taking care of them, and asking the same question night after night: “What the hell am I going to make for dinner?” I wanted to cook healthy food, and I wanted to enjoy cooking, but I felt intimidated in the kitchen and couldn’t find the time to learn. I wish I’d have known about Hannah McKitrick!

Hannah, known to some as “The Kitchen Psychic,” is the founder of My Intuitive Health, her company that offers virtual intuitive healthy cooking classes, as well as cooking retreats in Italy! Hannah’s goal is to help you change your outlook from feeling like cooking is a chore, to looking forward to preparing meals with and without your kids; meals that are not only delicious, but that feed you what your body needs to be emotionally and physically happy and healthy. Oh, and a trip to Italy isn’t a bad thing either!


Hannah and her culinary students at one of her southern Italy retreats


Hannah, whose passion comes from her own gut health issues and love of Italian food, is a board certified holistic nutritionist who received her Master’s Degree at the Italian Culinary Institute in southern Italy. Hannah is passionate and fun and full of excitement and energy. Her programs allow women to raise their vibration and become their own healers by infusing high vibe energy through their hands and into their food.I am so happy that she is a Divorced Girl Smiling trusted professional! Welcome, Hannah!


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Hannah’s Bio:


Health can be such a drama!! — but I’ve learned that life is too short to be serious… I’ve had some heavy seasons in my life where I was literally at war in my mind and at war with my body. For years I felt trapped in my crippling anxiety and confusion about how to eat. This is why I’m now obsessed with creating experiences that help you FEEL AND BE lighter.

After graduating from college with a degree in economics and working in sales, I yearned for more education on my truest passion: cooking. Wanting to learn from the best, I packed my bags for Southern Italy to attend the Italian Culinary Institute where I earned my Masters of Italian Cuisine. The techniques, skills, and people I met were invaluable but I was constantly looking for ways to create dishes that were both wholesome and complementary to my body and how I wanted to feel. I didn’t want to feel constricted by a diet and wanted to learn how to integrate more food freedom while still feeling empowered. I became a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist at The Academy of Healing Nutrition in London and the Nutritious Life Studio. Slowly but surely all my passions began feeding off each other (no pun intended) as I was able to create mouth-watering meals in the kitchen that worked for my body while helping others discover what worked for their own bodies and lifestyles.

I soon discovered that my work was so much more than just making healthy food taste amazing (which we do)! But it’s about holding a space of healing lightness for others to undergo a complete energetic transformation in their relationship with themselves and food. People have the power to raise their vibration and become their own healers but infusing high vibe energy through their hands and into their food.

Pizza with a view!


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“The Cook Well program is fantastic, fun, and a great learning experience!  I learned how to make healthy plant based foods with pantry staple ingredients and fresh in the season, all the while enjoying meeting new people and sharing stories over cooking and our love of food.  It was the highlight of my week!  Hannah is funny, professional, warm, and lovely.  She brings you into her kitchen, shares tips, and provides support throughout the class.  No matter what level of cooking, Hannah makes everyone feel comfortable and at home.  I highly recommend participating in the class.  You won’t want to miss her next session!” – Michelle

“I feel more flexible and expansive about cooking dinner and eating without all the drama.I’ve noticed that when I decide to indulge without all the guilt or shame or negativity around it, I see how I naturally come back to wanting and craving healthier foods. I’ve had so much resistance to food and cooking, and it feels quite liberating to let go a little and trust myself.” – Gayle

“My favorite part is that it’s not restrictive. Yet allows you to eat healthy whole foods with the things we crave. It’s human and natural to want tasteful food. And Hannah makes it possible. I’m choosing more veggie filled dishes with our eating and grocery shopping. I feel more confident knowing I can create something delicious.” – Rachel


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