Michael Cohen, Divorce Mediator and Founder, Michael’s Mediation

Meet Michael Cohen, Divorce Mediator and Founder, Michael’s Mediation


Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen, Divorce Mediator, Founder, Michael’s Mediation


Michael Cohen is a breath of fresh air! Michael spent 38 years working as a financial consultant, and as a people and team leader at a large retail and healthcare company. The father of three went through an extremely litigious divorce several years ago, inspiring him to do what he’s doing now: divorce mediation. With a passion to help others have a better divorce than he did, Michael decided to obtain his divorce mediation certification at Northwestern University and become a divorce mediator so he can help families move forward from divorce in the healthiest way possible.

Michael earned his CPA and is very well-qualified to help a couple to understand their finances so they can make the best decisions for themselves when deciding on their financial divisions.  As good a financial mediator as he is, Michael would tell you that his true passion is in helping parents understand the importance of building a healthy co-parenting relationship so their children come through the divorce in the healthiest way possible. The combination of Michael’s financial expertise and his passion for children and families make him a tremendous resource for parents who want to divorce amicably.

Michael is driven to provide life-long value to his clients.  He has a true dedication to use his past experience and help others avoid the battle of litigation. He is a wonderful person and I am so excited to have him as a DGS partner!


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Michael’s Bio:

Michael Cohen, who also earned his CPA, is an accomplished business leader with extensive experience in people management and cross-functional projects that required him to often mediate and find the best path forward for people and teams, throughout his career. These skills are critical in a mediation setting. Coupled with Michael’s own experience in a litigated divorce, he is driven to help divorcing couples navigate their divorce in the healthiest way possible. Michael is the founder of Michael’s Mediation, which serves divorcing couples across the U.S. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a divorce mediation certification from Northwestern University. Michael is a loving father of three and lives in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. Learn more here.

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“Michael is an extraordinarily thoughtful and professional mediator with a true knack for helping couples figure out and communicate about what will work best for their families during a vulnerable transitional phase of life. He works to hear both sides and find the best solutions to the many different concerns a family may have. He is very knowledgeable and has many resources and referrals in his network. He is always willing to talk, support, and guide– no matter where you are in the divorce process. It is very apparent when speaking to him that he is just a good human being who is very passionate about his work. I would highly recommend Michael!”

“I highly recommend Michael. He is a caring and kind individual. He actually mediated himself out of a job when he consulted with my husband and I early in our divorce journey and helped us realize we weren’t ready to give up on our marriage. He spoke with us individually and together and listened to both sides with caring and understanding. He identified our unique needs and used his network to find us a couples therapist who he believed could work with our unique situation. We’ve been working with her for 2 months and have already made more progress than we have in the 3 years prior working with 3 other couples counselors who couldn’t connect with our unique situation.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Michael as a mediator. His exceptional communication skills, keen understanding of diverse perspectives, and unwavering commitment to finding amicable solutions make him an ideal choice. Michael’s calm demeanor and ability to foster open dialogue create an environment where conflicts can be resolved effectively and efficiently. With his professionalism and empathetic approach, he consistently guides parties towards mutually beneficial agreements. I have full confidence in Michael’s mediation expertise and believe he would be an invaluable asset in any mediation process.”

“I met Michael several months ago, and I could tell right from the start how passionate and dedicated he was to a career in divorce mediation. I have since gotten to know Michael both professionally, and personally, and think the world of him. He is ethical, professional, really smart, a great listener, and truly cares about his clients. I cannot say enough about Michael and I would highly recommend him if you need a divorce mediator.”

“As a divorce mediator I refer Michael because of the unique financial skills he brings to the table. As a Certified Divorce Lending Planner (CDLP) my clients are dealing with mortgages & financial issues. It gives me relief to know that Michael’s financial background & CPA allow him to give solid financial advice during the divorce process.”

“Opening up to a stranger about the all details of your life and broken marriage is not an easy thing to do. But working with Michael is like sitting down and talking with a wise friend. His empathetic and collaborative style is invaluable for anyone needing guidance through a divorce.”

“Throughout the mediation process, Michael’s professionalism and impartiality shine brightly. He fosters an environment of open communication and active listening, ensuring that each party feels heard and respected. Michael’s empathetic approach enables him to connect with participants on a personal level, making them feel comfortable and at ease during the often emotionally charged mediation sessions. In addition, Michael’s financial background brings a unique and invaluable dimension to the mediation process.”

“I highly recommend Michael’s online mediation session as it is incredibly valuable. Michael is a meticulous individual who thoroughly explains the mediation process, leaving no detail overlooked. His expertise in mediation is exceptional, and he also offers valuable insights into the divorce process. Attending his online session is highly advantageous, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

“Michael Cohen is incredibly knowledgeable about the process! He has been an instrumental resource to me. He is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”


Michael Cohen Divorce Mediation

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