Women Over 50: You Are Radiant!


March 30th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

I hear from countless women over 50 about the downside of aging--everything from wrinkles to muffin tops to chronic illness to aging parents to the challenges of dating. But while there are so many things we just can't control as we age, there are so...

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A Falling Out With A Girlfriend: It Really Hurts


March 24th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

Ask any woman and she will tell you that having a fight and/or a falling out with a girlfriend often times hurts much worse than a romantic breakup. Women adore our girlfriends, yet our friendships are tested from time to time by outside factors and ...

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Love And Dementia


March 5th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

Love and dementia is the topic of this week's Love Essentially, published in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press.  How To Live With And Love A Spouse Who Has Dementia  by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press As a little girl in th...

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Women Over 40: How To Love Yourself In Lingerie


February 27th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

This is my Love Essentially column, published a few days ago in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press. I thought it was a great piece to post for women over 40 and women over 50! How To Love Yourself In Lingerie by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribun...

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Single Is Spectacular According To Mary Tyler Moore


February 2nd, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

Mary Tyler Moore Offered Empowerment To Those Who Are Single  by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press There are several reasons I didn't get married until I was 35, but I can honestly attribute one of them to "The Mary Tyler Moore S...

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