15 Questions Men Have About Women And My Answers

questions men have about women

By Jackie Pilossoph, Founder, Divorced Girl Smiling, the place to find trusted, vetted divorce professionals, a podcast, website and mobile app.

Last week, I called my friend to tell him I was going to be a few minutes late for our meeting because I wanted to squeeze in a manicure.”Why do women get their nails done?” he asked. “I never understood that.” That’s when it hit me. Sometimes, men just don’t get us. I got to thinking, what are some other questions men have about women?

I thought of 15, but first, to answer my friend’s question, having manicured nails make women feel good about themselves. It can make a woman feel pretty and feminine. Those feelings can in turn cultivate confidence and poise in someone’s attitude and demeanor.


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Here are 15 Questions Men Have About Women and My Answers:


1. Why do women get dressed up to go out with each other?

Women often have a deep respect for other women. So, when we make plans to have lunch or drinks or coffee with one or more of them, we probably want to look nice for them. Not only do I care what other women think, but I want to feel confident and self-assured, and that starts with physical appearance. I personally wouldn’t feel that great wearing yoga pants and a ponytail to a bar.

2. Why can’t women get along with other women in their office?

They can. In fact, women are very supportive of each other professionally and we enjoy seeing other women succeed. If a woman complains about another woman in the office, that doesn’t mean they are headed for a catfight, which is what men fantasize about!


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3. Why do women care what their neighbors are doing?

Have you ever thought that maybe women genuinely care about the people living nearby? We are inquisitive by nature, but we are also concerned and want to help if something doesn’t seem right.

4. Why do women ask men what they are thinking when it’s usually nothing?

Because it is always something. You cannot be thinking nothing. Women want to have real conversations in which genuine feelings are expressed. Some men tend to want to brush things under the rug, and in many instances, that approach works. There is no need to analyze things that don’t really matter. But conflict avoidance isn’t always the solution. Respectful and honest communication can lead couples not only to working out their issues, but to a relationship that is stronger and better than ever.


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5. Why do women need 100 pairs of shoes?

Shoes make women feel pretty and sexy and we never have to worry that they won’t fit.

6. Why do women need so many purses?

Purses make women feel pretty and sexy and we never have to worry that they won’t fit.

7. Why do women tell you to do something four times?

Because you don’t do it.

8. Why do women go to the restroom together?

I have had some of the best conversations with my girlfriends while going to the restroom together. It’s a great time to be alone with each other and maybe talk about something we can’t talk about in front of the spouses or other people. Also, if there’s a line, no one wants to wait in in themselves.


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9. What does it mean when a woman says she wants something “fun” when it comes to jewelry?

It means she wants something big.

10. Why do women clean the house before the housekeeper comes?

We aren’t cleaning, we are organizing.

11. Why do women criticize their bodies?

I don’t know, and we wish we could change. Some of the most beautiful women I know think they are fat.

12. Why do women never wash their cars?

Why are men obsessed with washing their cars?

13. Why do women ask their spouse, “How do I look?” when they never believe what we say?

It’s rhetorical.



14. Why do women want our complete attention right when the Bears are about to score a touchdown?

It is perceived that way by men because they don’t want to deal with anything during a Bears game (or any other exciting sporting event.) They can’t understand why women don’t drop everything to watch the game.

15. Why do women say they’ll eat anywhere and then find something wrong with everywhere a man suggests?

Men do the same thing. I think it’s a suburban thing. We are all eating at all the same restaurants and we crave something different. This might not be a problem for couples who live in the city.


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    2 Responses to “15 Questions Men Have About Women And My Answers”

    1. Bruce Bajer

      Hello Jackie, I enjoy reading your Love Essentially column, in but today’s 15 Questions column I have to call you out on the last question. When it comes to dining out, my girlfriend and I will go through the same ritual every time. I will ask where she would like to go, and she says “I don’t care, you pick”, then she proceeds to shoot down every place I suggest, the result being we wind up eating where she wants to. I don’t object to her choices, but I get frustrated at the silly dance we do, why can’t she just say where she wants to go when I ask her and save about an hour deciding? The second part of this issue which really gets me is she will later on tell me about all the places she wants to try, but we never do, we keep going to the same places, even though the places she shoots down are the very places she says she wants to try. I don’t think she is being manipulative, she is just very reluctant to try new places, which I understand, but I don’t like getting the blame for being in the dining out rut. I have been with my girlfriend a long time, but several previous girlfriends had the same behavior, and talking with other men they have had similar experiences with girlfriends or wives. Can you women please cut us guys some slack with dining out? I think I pick nice places, so if we have a bad experience with some place, just take them off the list and try another, for every bad one we will probably find ten good ones.

      • Jackie Pilossoph

        Thanks for reaching out! I didn’t say anything negative about guys, I actually blamed the suburbs! LOL. Sounds like you need to have a talk with your gf and tell her everything you just told me (in a nice way.) And, maybe the two of you need to try a new rule and stick to it: one new restaurant a month! Best of luck!


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