How to Love Your Body as a Woman: Three Words

By Leslie Urbas, M.S., Health Concierge, Founder,

I often wonder why women are so hard on themselves when it comes to their bodies. We look in the mirror and instead of focusing on what looks good, we nitpick and immediately go to what we don’t like; a wrinkle, a muffin-top, our nose, stretchmarks, vericose veins… I could go on and on. I want to talk about how to love your body as a woman because it is important in staying healthy and happy in life, as well as during and after divorce.


How to love your body as a woman: I have three words.


What would happen if this year ,for the whole month of February (because of Valentine’s Day) and even beyond, you treated your body with three things: love respect and care ?


Instead of picking yourself apart–you know, “there’s too much fat here …there’s too many wrinkles on my face….You can still see my C-section scar” and the list goes on and on and on…why not say, “Wow, I have really nice arms,” or “I’ve always liked my eyes,” or “I’m fortunate to have long legs.”

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Let’s face it.  Being a woman, there’s enough people around us trying to tear us down. We don’t actually need to tear ourselves down. Instead, let’s focus  on building our self-esteem and body image.

Here are  three ways to love your body as a woman—with love, respect and care:


1. Every time you go to the mirror and you look yourself in the eyes give yourself a wink. Winking is  the most amazing form of providing to ourselves that good feeling of dang, I look good!

2. Every morning when you brush your teeth, look into the mirror and give yourself a complement. Some thing you normally tell yourself is awful, change to something that’s actually good.

3. Every day, think of something you like about yourself that has nothing to do with your physical appearance. It can be anything from, “I’m a really good mom,” to “I work really hard at my job and am proud of that,” to “No one makes eggplant parmasean as well as I do!” When you focus on what you love on the inside, you realize how much more important that is, so it takes the pressure off of you to feel like you have to be perfect on the outside.

Do these three things every single day for 28 days, and imagine what it would feel like to look in the mirror a month from now and truly love yourself again.


See, most women spend their entire lives learning all the things that are wrong with their bodies, and their image, when in all actuality, if we could just shift these small

Interactions with ourselves in the mirror we would begin to feel different. It’s a shame because these negative feelings start in childhood and stay with us throughout life, making it difficult to change our thoughts and patterns.


The good news is, you CAN change. It just takes repetition and dedication.

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