What are the Emotional Benefits of Having a Dog after Divorce?


October 4th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

There are so many emotional benefits of having a dog, especially during or after divorce, and that's what I'd like to share in this article.   Believe me when I tell you that I was never a dog person. I didn't dislike dogs, but other than ...

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What Does a 57-Year-Old Woman Look Like? Moi.


August 30th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

What does a 57-year-old woman look like? She looks like moi. Me. How do I know? Because I am turning 57 this weekend, and because over the past two weeks my boyfriend has nicknamed me Heinz 57. You know, the steak sauce that’s been around since the...

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Being Honest with Yourself in Healing after Divorce


August 23rd, 2022 . Gretchen Hydo

Being honest with yourself isn’t easy. I can say that personally. Tomorrow is my 22nd wedding anniversary. I’ve been lucky enough to stay married to the same man for all this time. In dog years, we’ve been together for well over 100.  Most of ...

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You’re One Beautiful Divorced Girl! 15 Self-Confidence Boosters


April 7th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

This article comes from the bottom of my heart. Being newly separated or newly divorced can play a huge role when it comes to self-confidence. Going through a divorce can cause even someone with normally great self-esteem to have self-doubt and insec...

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10 Movies Every Divorced Woman Over 50 Should See


November 27th, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

It comes on suddenly. I’ll be watching a movie, and the moment I feel extreme joy, sadness or hopefulness, my eyes well with tears. It might stop there, but more often than not, my highly emotional divorced woman over 50 mentality causes full blown...

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