The 25 Best Divorce Songs: The Divorced Girl Smiling Playlist


May 25th, 2024 . Jackie Pilossoph

Someone I know who is getting divorced asked me if I had a good playlist for her. She said she wanted a list of the best divorce songs to listen to while taking a walk or working around the house, or just while sitting on her patio with a glass of wi...

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4 Mistakes When Getting Divorced and How to Avoid Making Them


May 24th, 2024 . Catherine Shanahan, CDFA and Karen Chellew

When getting divorced, jumping into the process without being fully prepared for what is to come can lead to several critical and potentially costly mistakes. Fortunately, with the right preparation, mistakes can be avoided. Here are four comm...

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How Anger in Divorce Can Hurt Everyone Involved


May 20th, 2024 . Cherie Morris

Anger in divorce is understandable. But making decisions based on anger can hurt everyone involved, including your kids and you. Here is an email I received from an angry dad: My wife and I are getting divorced. She definitely has a pers...

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Believe It Or Not, There are Positive Effects of Divorce


May 18th, 2024 . Jackie Pilossoph

No one wants to be divorced. Let’s start with that. But, it happens and from what I remember, all I could think of at the time was the downside of being divorced: being a single mom, worrying about the kids, having to go back to work, wondering if ...

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My Dog is Anxious Thanks to My Divorce


May 17th, 2024 . Karis Nafte

Many people going through a divorce will say, "My dog is anxious. Do you think he/she knows I'm getting divorced?" Here is my answer. Dogs have no idea what divorce is, but they do know when you are anxious, tense, angry or worried. The most u...

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