What Happens When There’s No Settlement at Mediation?


December 8th, 2022 . Tiffany M. Hughes

In many states, including Illinois, divorcing couples with children are required by law to attend divorce mediation in an attempt to come to custody, financial and other child-related agreements. Some couples are able to find success by mediating, an...

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How Do You Stop Being Angry about Divorce?


December 6th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

Anger during divorce is completely normal and understandable.  I think it is healthy to live those emotions--to feel them. Actually, I think it's unhealthy if a person getting divorced doesn't have anger. Most people who have been through a divorce ...

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I Wanted the Divorce so Why am I So Sad?


December 1st, 2022 . Ellen Feldman

For the past 15 years of being a divorce mediator, I’ve seen countless scenarios of divorce. Every single case is unique. That said, there is one thing I find almost always in couples: sadness. Whether you were totally blindsided by your spouse’s...

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Surviving Loneliness After Divorce: It’s Up to You


November 28th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

Loneliness might be the most painful emotion a person can have. It can feel empty and scary and sad and unfair. Being lonely can make a person feel sorry for him or herself. It can make a person feel angry, like "Why me?" It can make someone feel unw...

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Mental Health Challenges Divorced Mothers Face


November 26th, 2022 . Jennifer Esposito

Getting through a divorce is a stressful and painful period in life. Even when we know it's for the best and the future will be happier and brighter, it's hard not to feel anxious and overwhelmed at the time. And, although it's worth it, reinventing ...

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