Going through a divorce? Don’t Do Anything Stupid!


September 7th, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

People going through a divorce do stupid things. It’s not a cut down and I’m not trying to be hurtful, it’s just reality. Trust me, when I was newly separated, I did more stupid things than anyone I know. The reason? Going through a divorce ...

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Getting Divorced? Don’t make these 5 BIG Mistakes


September 1st, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

Getting divorced is probably the most stressful time in your life. You’re mourning the loss of the most serious relationship you’ve ever had. You’re stressed to the hilt about finances. You’re watching your children’s lives in upheaval. And...

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Divorce Anger is Normal But Sometimes Hard To Shake


August 23rd, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

Two examples of divorce anger:   Example #1: She leaves him. His side: “I came home one day and my wife told me she didn’t want to be married anymore. I was completely shocked and upset. I can’t believe she would just turn on me like ...

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7 Lifestyle Changes of Divorce


August 5th, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

The lifestyle changes of divorce can be brutal: financial adjustments, living alone, dating... some can feel like a nightmare. But there is a lot of good that comes with change. Most people don't see it that way until they've been through it. My ...

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How to Get Along With Your Ex-Husband: DON’T say these 12 Things!


August 1st, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

Life is so much easier when you're getting along with your ex-husband, isn't it?  No blow-out arguments, no dirty looks, and no cruel emails or texts between the two of you, and most importantly, the kids can feel it and it makes their lives easier....

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