I Think I Want a Divorce, He Doesn’t


April 14th, 2021 . Lisa Kaplin

A Divorced Girl Smiling Facebook Group member posted this to the group: I've told my husband I want a divorce, he doesn't. I told him I want to separate, but then he acts like nothing happened and we never talk about it. So you’ve told your husb...

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Did I Do The Right Thing? Advice For Second Thoughts About Divorce


March 27th, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

 “Did I do the right thing?” is probably a question that many newly separated and divorced men and women ask themselves. Even though in your heart you knew separating was the best thing, time starts to bring loneliness, emptiness and fear into t...

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Divorce and the Pandemic: 6 Issues that Could Lead a Couple to Splitting Up


February 9th, 2021 . Kathryn McMahon Vivanco

It is hard to believe that we have been living through the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly a year, still facing these strange times of shutdowns, masks, quarantining, and now, vaccines. I think we’d all agree that living in a pandemic is painful and c...

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My Q & A With Divorce Attorney Tiffany Hughes


January 25th, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

  There is a passion and energy I feel when talking to divorce attorney, Tiffany Hughes. Hughes, who is the founder of her Chicago based all-women family law firm, became one of my Divorced Girl Smiling partners about a year ago, and everyone...

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How Do You Know When To Leave a Marriage?


January 19th, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years since I was sitting in my therapist’s office with tears streaming down my face, realizing my marriage had to be over. How do you know when to leave a marriage?   It’s different for everyone, ...

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