How Do You Stay Broken Up When You Really Miss Him?


March 18th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

Breakups can be heartbreaking and difficult. Even though you know in your gut that being apart is the right thing, the pain of missing that person or just even feeling alone can hurt like crazy. That's why so many people end up getting back together ...

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It’s Not Personal! 5 Reasons your Boyfriend’s Kids Want Nothing To Do With You


March 12th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

It might be one of the biggest gripes divorced men and women have: when the boyfriend’s kids (or girlfriend’s kids) want nothing to do with you.   Several years ago, I was in a relationship with a divorced guy who had a 13 year-old dau...

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Relationship Problems? You’re Not Crazy And You’re Not Alone


March 6th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

In this week's Love Essentially column, I write about what I learned interviewing therapist, David Klow on relationship problems, and how the problems you think are unique to you aren't. If you're having a relationship problem, it's probably more ...

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Relationship Advice: Get Out Of Other People’s Cars!


February 28th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

I LOVE this article that offers relationship advice in regards to taking on someone else's problems. We all have problems, but I think what Kaplin is saying is, when other people tell you their problems, listen and empathize, but remember that they a...

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Dating After Divorce: 15 Fifteen-Minute Date Ideas


February 25th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

I can still remember some amazing dates I had before I was married—the kind of dates that started in the afternoon at a Cubs game or a museum, that continued into dinner, followed by an after-dinner cocktail at a little Lincoln Park Pub or a piano ...

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