I Feel Broken: Dumped, Angry And In Pain


June 21st, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

I’ve been corresponding with a reader who has been divorced for several years, and was recently in a relationship for well over a year, which she thought was happy, healthy, and loving. Until her boyfriend broke up with her via text, causing her to...

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Fear of Commitment or Wrong Guy?


June 19th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

Jackie, I need some relationship advice. My friend says I have a fear of commitment because I break up with my boyfriend every time he talks about moving in together or marriage. Do you think she is right? It is difficult to answer this question w...

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How to Tell If a Single Mom Likes You: 16 Signs


June 10th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

A friend of mine called me to ask me some questions about a single mom he was dating. He wanted to know what to expect, what she was thinking, and how to tell if a single mom likes you. I gave him a little bit of insight, and then thought I'd shar...

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After 3 Years I Can’t Live Without Him Still


June 5th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

I’m not sure there is a woman on earth who hasn’t said or felt these five words: I can’t live without him. The words are usually spoken or thought during or after a breakup, a divorce, or a death.   It’s unbelievably heartbreaking ...

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5 Reasons Sex on a First Date is a Bad Idea


June 2nd, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

If you ask any woman and she’ll probably tell you that since she was a teenager, she's always been told not to have sex on a first date. If you ask her why, she’ll most likely say it’s because her mother, or aunt or sister or friend told her th...

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