5 Dating Rules to Follow

dating rules

By Martina Smilevska

We all know how complicated dating can be, especially in the age of technology. It seems like everyone is always on their phone and it’s tough to connect with someone and build a relationship. That leads us to dating rules. They help you stay on track and protect you from people who might not have your best interests at heart. When you follow the dating rules, it becomes much easier to find a partner.


Your dating rules should be personal to you and what you want out of a relationship. These guidelines will assist you in weeding out one-sided or toxic relationships so that you don’t waste your time on them. Remember that the rules you find most difficult to follow are often the most important, so don’t ignore them just because they’re tough. 

Install Trusted Dating Apps on Your Phone

If you’re single, installing a trusted dating app on your phone guarantees you’ll find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for your future soulmate or casual encounters in a city near you to have some fun, you can easily tweak the filters and the right person will pop up.


Dating apps allow you to quickly search through profiles of eligible singles near you and get in touch with potential dates. You’ll be able to chat, exchange photos, and even plan dates all within the app. This can help simplify the process of meeting someone new and make it easier to find the kind of relationship you’re looking for. Plus, many trusted dating apps have built-in protections to make sure your data is kept safe and secure.

Go With the Flow

When it comes to planning a date, try not to stress about coming up with elaborate plans. Instead, focus on making sure that you and your partner are comfortable and having fun. Going with the flow is often more enjoyable than sticking to a strict agenda. By letting go of expectations, you can enjoy moments that feel authentic and special to you both. Remember, the goal is simply to spend quality time together in an enjoyable environment.

Cut the Date Short if You Feel the Need To

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation on a date, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to cut your date short. It’s better to be safe than sorry and if the other person isn’t respecting your boundaries, then it’s time to end the date. 


Don’t feel obligated to stay out of politeness or fear of hurting the other person’s feelings. Your safety is more important than anything else and leaving a date early can be an essential step in protecting yourself. It may not be easy, but remember that you have the right to end your date at any time if it makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Avoid Talking About Your Exes

When it comes to talking about ex-partners, it’s best to avoid the topic altogether. Bringing up past relationships can create a sense of discomfort and unease for both you and your partner. It may also lead to difficult conversations that can easily ruin the mood. Talk about topics that make both of you feel more connected like favorite foods, hobbies, or activities. You can also share stories, jokes, and things you’re passionate about to keep the conversation flowing.

Be Upfront About Your Expectations

It’s important to be clear about your expectations once you start dating. Having an open and honest conversation early on will help pave the way for a successful relationship. To start off, ask yourself what kind of relationship you’re looking for and whether it’s something casual or long-term. Are you looking for someone to share interests and activities with?


Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to have the talk with your partner. Although this can be a difficult conversation to have, being honest about your expectations sets the foundation for a successful relationship. Speak up about what you want and don’t be afraid of asking questions. Remember, you both deserve respect and honesty.


When discussing expectations, consider topics such as commitment level, communication frequency, boundaries, and future plans. Being clear about your expectations from the start will save you both time and energy down the road.

Bottom Line

With these simple dating rules, you can have fun and date comfortably. Just remember to be safe, honest about your intentions, and respectful of the other person’s feelings. And if things start to get too serious for either of you, communication and honesty are key to getting back on the same page.

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