Looking For Love? 5 Relationship Truths To Guide And Motivate You


August 3rd, 2018 . Sue De Santo

I understand how hard it can be to re-enter the dating world. Looking for love, you desperately want to find that special someone to share your life with but have no idea where to start. Summer seems like the perfect time to find someone, but you...

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Are You Emotionally Unavailable?


July 20th, 2018 . Anita Chlipala

In a previous blog post, I provided 21 subtle signs of the emotionally unavailable man. I was overwhelmed with the responses from men, saying that many, if not all of the signs resonated with them. They tell me they don’t want to be this way becaus...

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Why Is This Woman’s Divorced Boyfriend Acting Like He’s Still Married?


July 15th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

There are multiple reasons people get divorced, and every divorce is different. But almost always, when a couple splits up, among the reasons why is that the couple no longer has the desire to spend time together. Period. I mean, you get divorced bec...

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Dating Tips For Divorced Parents


July 9th, 2018 . Jackie Pilossoph

Dating is hard enough, but dating as a divorced parent brings on a whole other set of challenges, from finding time to spend together to introducing the kids or not--it's a fine line. In this week's Love Essentially, I shared the story of a frustrate...

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A Grade School Teacher’s Brilliant Relationship Advice


June 30th, 2018 . Lisa Kaplin

Recently, I was talking to my favorite 5th grade teacher (named Mrs. Teacher for privacy purposes), who just happens to be the mother of my future daughter-in-law, and she offered some brilliant relationship advice. We were talking about difficult ch...

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