A Great Book For Couples: No Advice, Just Questions


May 19th, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

In this week's Love Essentially, I feature what I think is a great book for couples. It's meant to foster conversation and bring couples closer together. Here is the article: New relationship book is all questions, no advice by Jackie Pilossoph for...

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What Are “The Rules” When You Start Dating Again After Divorce?


May 2nd, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

This was posted on a group Facebook page: When you start dating again after divorce, what are the rules? I have no idea what the new normal is!   Her question made me think. Remember the self-help book “The Rules?” Officially titled, ...

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How To Attract A Man Over 50: Be Yourself and Embrace Your Age


April 23rd, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

How to attract a man over 50: embrace your age, no matter what that age is. Let me explain. I’m not sure why, but so many women I know who are dating over 50 assume that men our age--men over 50, only date younger women. While I do think there are ...

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The Benefits of Taking Ownership Of Your Emotions


April 20th, 2019 . Lisa Kaplin

A common refrain of toddlers and adults alike is, “You made me so angry.” Or “You made me so sad.” Or “Because you acted that way, you made me act this way back to you.” It’s a version of, “The devil made me do it.” It’s a complet...

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Texting Love Leads To Self-Love And Possibly Love


April 17th, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

All day long, we are bombarded with emails and texts, and it can get overwhelming. But how many of those messages are sent with the intent of love? A fraction. In this week's Love Essentially, I address the importance of texting love, meaning sending...

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