Texting Love Leads To Self-Love And Possibly Love


All day long, we are bombarded with emails and texts, and it can get overwhelming. But how many of those messages are sent with the intent of love? A fraction. In this week’s Love Essentially, I address the importance of texting love, meaning sending nice messages to those you love and care for, just to make the person smile and feel good. There are so many benefits to doing this, not just for the recipient, but for the sender! The Benefits of Typing Love by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Media Group Have you ever wondered how many ... Read more

Advice For Divorced Moms: 20 Things You Might Want To Say To Your Kids


I have some advice for divorced moms. Being a divorced mom for 11 years, I can say that life hasn’t exactly been easy. But, whose life is easy? What I mean is, whether you are married, divorced, widowed or single, everyone has life challenges. I have lived life as a divorced mom for so long, that I don’t really know any other way, so I don’t know if I’ve had a hard life. What I do know is that I’ve enjoyed every minute of building my business, of having professional success, of being with family and friends, of spending time with my d... Read more

The Damage of Fighting In Front Of The Kids


Everyone knows fighting in front of the kids is bad. Yet, many couples–both married couples and couples who are divorced do it. Why do we do it? Not because we want to hurt our children, but Because when emotions are running high, and people just can’t think clearly.  In this week’s Love Essentially, I interview therapist, Lisa Blumberg on reasons you shouldn’t fight in front of your kids, what to do if you’ve already done so, and what you should do in front of your kids that will benefit them greatly in the long ... Read more

Sometimes Life’s Just Not Fair


Sometimes life’s just not fair. You can be doing everything right, and get dealt an unfair blow. You get sick, your partner leaves you, you lose your job because the company is going out of business, or being sold. Any of these experiences are challenging. Sometimes people experience multiple life altering blows at once. The question becomes, how do some people bounce back from disappointment, hurt and tragedy, while others get stuck in bitterness, anger and despair? The secret lies in one key concept. People need to feel that they are no... Read more

But First I’m Going To Yoga


Editor’s note: When I see Lisa Kaplin’s weekly newsletter in my inbox, it’s usually one of the first emails I click on, just because I know I’m going to get one or more of these things: laughs, entertainment, motivation, good advice, or comfort. But yesterday, I woke up to my dog throwing up in my bed, which started a morning that was scary (because I was worried about my dog), chaotic, and really gross. So, I never got to my emails, instead I was washing bedding, getting the kids off to school, and taking care of my lit... Read more

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