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Trying To Celebrate The Holidays During Divorce


Ask anyone who is divorced and he or she will tell you that the pain it causes can sometimes feel unbearable. Then add in the holidays—especially that first Christmas or Hanukkah and New Years after a separation. Trying to celebrate the holidays during divorce is stressful, sad, confusing and sometimes bittersweet. It is during this time that the pain of divorce is intensified, both for the couple and the kids.   The holidays can feel so depressing for the newly separated, and even for those who have been divorced for awhile. It starts w... Read more

Three Amazing Holiday Gifts You Can Give That Don’t Come In A Box


With the holidays right around the corner, holiday gifts are on everyone’s minds. What’s ironic is that people buy holiday gifts to show their love. But there are other ways to show someone you care. So, in this week’s Love Essentially, I address three holiday gifts that don’t come in a box, and the happiness they can bring others. Three Gift-Giving Ideas, Short On Cash Long On Love  by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Media Group Deciding what to buy friends and family for the holidays isn’t easy. If youR... Read more

Should This Woman Be Getting Divorced? 8 Reasons Why I Say Hell Yes!


As a rule, when people ask me, “Should I get divorced?” I try not to share whether I think they should or should not, and instead give my insight into their situation in hopes the answer comes to them. But in some cases, I just can’t help answering the question because my opinion is so strong. That was the case in a blog I recently wrote called “Should This Woman Get Divorced? Hell No!” But based on this recent email I received from a woman considering divorce, I feel quite the opposite. Should this woman be getting divorced? Hell yes... Read more

Not Every Man You Work With Is Like Matt Lauer


If you were as depressed as I was when you found out about Matt Lauer and the allegations against him of sexual harassment, this is a great article for you. I decided to focus on the positive of this situation, which is that not all men are like Lauer. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that MOST men at your workplace are good guys. Here is my Love Essentially column, published in the Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press. Easy To Find The Anti-Matt Lauer Men In The Workplace   by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Media Group Where in the world ... Read more

Getting Divorced? Advice for “I Can’t”


When getting divorced, men and women often think ‘I can’t,’ meaning, ‘I can’t take this anymore, I can’t deal with him (or her), I can’t handle this pressure, I can’t coparent with him (or her), I can’t get over my anger and I can’t date ever again.  So, when I read this blog post by Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas (a dear friend of mine from college who has so many credentials I can’t even begin to list them), it inspired me, and I felt like it was important to share to those getting divo... Read more

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