Why “He Just Doesn’t Make Me Happy” Is An Unhealthy Thought


Have you ever heard this saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” Or, “It’s my job to make my husband happy?” Or, “He just doesn’t make me happy?” I so often hear people talking about being responsible for someone else’s happiness or holding someone responsible for their satisfaction in life. Think about the pressure of that statement, but also the lack of personal responsibility. If someone else is responsible for my happiness, then what exactly is my responsibility? To passively wait for them to behave exactly the way I... Read more

Read This If you Are Having Trouble Getting Over The Ex


For some reason, right now I know a few different people who are recently broken up and having trouble getting over the ex. I have certainly been there, and so has every  person who has ever gone through a divorce, or been through a breakup.   When a spouse moves out or when you finally end things with someone, at first, many people feel relieved because they are now getting the space they need to figure things out, to breathe and to sort out their feelings. Plus, there is so much anger and pent up resentment that it’s such a good feeli... Read more

False Allegations In Divorce Must Stop


The Kavanaugh allegations have put the seriousness and devastation of sexual misconduct and assault, and the importance of justice in those situations to the forefront of America and I’m glad about that. No one who has been a victim of sexual misconduct or assault should go unheard, and no one who is a perpetrator should go unpunished. All that said, the Kavanaugh situation has also put something else into the spotlight that I think is extremely meaningful and important: the potential for false allegations. I have been wanting to write a piec... Read more

A Star Is Born: The Movie, The Actors, and Alcoholism


If you haven’t seen ‘A Star Is Born,’ (the new one with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper) I would highly recommend it! Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. But there is a very very sad theme to it: alcoholism, so be prepared. I have heard that alcoholism is one of the top reasons people get divorced and I believe it, because when someone is an alcoholic, their whole personality changes, and so you are essentially living with a person you didn’t marry. Here is my Love Essentially column about the movie, followed by an i... Read more

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?


This reader is wondering, “Should I break up with my boyfriend?” Here is her email, along with my advice. Dear Anita, I’m in a 5-month relationship with my boyfriend. Things were great in the beginning but it’s been rocky the last couple of months. We’ve been arguing more and I don’t hear from him as often as I used to. I thought he was “The One” but now I’m not so sure. How do I know when to give up? Should I break up with him? Dating is about taking the time to figure out if the person that you’re with is a goo... Read more

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