How Do You Stop Being Angry about Divorce?

stop being angry about divorce

By Jackie Pilossoph, Founder, Divorced Girl Smiling, the place to find trusted, vetted divorce professionals, a podcast, website and mobile app.

Anger during divorce is completely normal and understandable.  I think it is healthy to live those emotions–to feel them. Actually, I think it’s unhealthy if a person getting divorced doesn’t have anger. Most people who have been through a divorce have anger. They are furious at the ex, resentful, and bitter, at times. But, eventually those feelings fade and people move on. That said, a lot of people ask, “How do you stop being angry about divorce?”

The answer to this question is complicated because every divorce situation is unique, and everyone has his or her own timetable and range and variety of emotions to process and handle.

So, I will try to answer based on my own experience, and on the hundreds of divorce stories I’ve heard (and written about.) When I got divorced several years ago, I was angry. Really angry. I was angry with myself, angry with my ex, angry with God, and angry at the world.

As the weeks and months went on, my anger towards everyone and God dissipated, except for the anger towards my ex. We were going through the divorce process, and we were not on very good terms. Looking back, we blamed each other for everything that wasn’t working in our lives.

But as time went on, and the divorce became closer and closer to being finalized, my anger faded. I found myself focusing on new friendships, the lifestyle changes I was making, my kids, dating, finances, career opportunities, and just life, in general. It almost felt like I didn’t have time to put into being angry, which was a good thing. But that said, something would happen, and I’d find myself furious, enraged, and wanting to call my ex and start screaming at him.

People always ask me how to stop being angry about divorce.

My answer is that I really can’t tell someone HOW to do it. The only person who can let go of his or her anger is the person. However, I can offer some things that might help lead you to a place that fosters letting go of divorce anger.

First, let’s address possible reasons people harbor divorce anger and resentment:

1. One person cheated.
2. Years of pent up hostility and resentment that was never expressed, or that was expressed and never worked out.
3. Actual conflict during the divorce–one person trying to get full custody of the kids, or both people wanting to keep the house, or one person thinking what the other person is asking for monetarily is unfair.
4. One person has a new girlfriend/boyfriend.
5. One person is putting the kids in the middle of the divorce.

I personally think that #2 is the most common, and that most of these other issues stem from pent up anger from months or years or even decades.


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So, if you are extremely angry at your spouse, and you decide you don’t want to be angry anymore, but you just can’t help it, here is my advice. I think it’s great if you acknowledge that. If you have the self-awareness to realize that you want to let the anger go. That’s the first step.

Then there are some things you can do to help yourself get to a place of letting go. Here are a few:

1. Acknowledge that letting go of anger doesn’t mean forgetting what your ex did or pretending it didn’t happen. You know deep down inside what the truth is. But, you don’t have to be angry about it because it’s over. You can’t change it. So, don’t let it ruin your future by blocking your happiness with its toxicity.

2. Focus on YOU, what you want and need to be happy. Try new hobbies, start dating, volunteer, or focus on work.

3. Take a minute out of every day to look at your children and say to yourself, “If I never met him, I wouldn’t have them.” That will help you not be angry. But do it every day. Make it a daily practice, almost like you are retraining your brain.

4. Focus on TODAY. Not yesterday or anytime in the past having to do with your ex. Focus on what is happening NOW.

5. Stop saying “What if…” What if he marries her? What if he gets half my pension in the divorce? What if he brainwashes the kids against me? Those are all unproductive and unhealthy thoughts.

6. Don’t let him have that power of you. You are not an angry person, in general, so why are you letting him bring out the worst in you? If you are an angry person, in general, that’s another subject and you should try to get some help with that.

7. Work out your anger in therapy or with a divorce coach so you can figure out specifically what you are angry about with him. Maybe talking out the details will help you let it go. For example, maybe you realize you are most angry that he got a girlfriend so quickly. But then you think about it, and realize you wanted the divorce anyhow, and he knew it and you don’t want him back, and deep down you know he loves that it angers you that he has her. Then you ask yourself if you really, truly care and you realize you don’t. Bingo. You might now be able to let that anger go.


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In closing, I truly believe that people are happier when they are living without anger. So ask yourself…(and this might be the biggest tip in letting go of divorce anger), “Don’t I deserve to be happy? To move on? To live a life of peace and acceptance and joy?” Then answer: YES!!

If you hold onto your anger in divorce, that will deter you from letting in these positive feelings that will ultimately give you a life you love. So, by staying angry at your spouse, you are really hurting yourself.

People who can’t stop being angry about divorce (for years and years) usually end up alone and with no friends, because after a couple years, no one wants to be around them because all they do is talk angrily about the ex. Also, a person might suffer in business or in their job because of their inability to let their divorce anger go.


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I know a woman who had a thriving antique store. Life was great. Then, her husband cheated on her and left. She talked about it with all of her customers non-stop for years, and guess what? They stopped going into her store because they couldn’t take hearing it anymore. When I drove by and saw a “for rent” sign in the window of her store, her merchandise all cleared out, I felt awful because I knew exactly why her store closed.

Being angry takes so much energy; energy that the person could be using to do productive things.

And anger hinders any kind of life success and/or true happiness. I’ve known people who get remarried and they still hate their ex. Aside from being totally unhealthy, don’t you think that might be affecting their relationship with their new spouse?

I’m not even saying to forgive, although I think forgiveness is very very important, as well. But that’s a different subject. The decision to forgive an ex (or anyone) is a personal decision. But there’s a difference between not forgiving and being perpetually angry.

Some people thrive on being angry. We all know who those people are. I bet everyone who just read this is thinking of a certain person right now, that person who has road rage beyond belief, the person who just seems pissed off all the time about little things that don’t really matter, a person who makes a huge issue out of nothing and works themselves up about it just because anger fuels them and defines their persona.

The guy who gets pissed at a bad server at a restaurant, the girl who gives someone the finger for cutting her off while driving.  I want to tell these people that they are killing themselves. They need to go to a therapist and figure out why they’re so angry at life.

Another thing divorce anger does is, it affects children. If a child sees their parent angry all the time, they are probably going to think that’s normal behavior.


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Here’s another thing. Ask any divorce attorney, and they will tell you, anger means big bucks in their pocket. Angry people take legal action purely because they are so angry that they want to hurt the other person. What ends up happening is, when the people’s anger subsides (temporarily, that is), they end up reaching the settlement they could have reached without the $100,000+ lawyer bill. Anger costs a lot of money in a divorce.

Again, I’m not saying no one should get angry. But how long is long enough?

Divorce anger is normal, healthy even. But holding onto it is toxic. Acceptance, grace, patience and inner peace is what leads to a good post-divorce life.

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    35 Responses to “How Do You Stop Being Angry about Divorce?”

    1. Caroline

      You summed up my story in that first scenario and my ex husband is trying his best to make my life a living hell I’m pretty sure.

    2. Jeanette Lorandini

      Anger is also one of the stages of grieving, a normal necessary stage, some people get stuck in that state . No one should judge that.

    3. Angry

      My wife of 22 years left me and her children for a woman. Lied about the involvement and affair when questioned. Has taken half of our marital assets. Receives child support because she is a woman. Provides nothing for her children, home, food, medical care etc. How I am supposed to move on? Why do I have to tolerate this? You are damn right I am angry. I could never trust any woman ever again. What do I move on to? What woman wants a mid forty year old man that is raising two children, broke and in debt. This person has destroyed what is left of my life, has no remorse or regret for her actions. Acts like my children and I have the problem. Please tell me short of hypnosis how the hell do you recover from this. I can’t, for two years I haven’t barely been able to function. What do I move on to when I put so much effort, love , admiration and soul into another person and a family. I have no vision of what my life is or what it should be. Every f***ing persons advice and direction with little to no emotional attachment and/or care, says “just let it go, don’t be bitter, learn from this and move on”. Yes there are two sides Jackie and I am sure my ex wife will tell you that I was the problem. It makes the departure of being gay easier to tolerate for her. I wish you, God or someone could make sense of this and explain it to me. I don’t think anyone can, so why take aim at people like me who are angry?

      • va. white

        One thing is for sure, it is not true that no one would be interested in you because of your situation. That is all I can say for sure

      • Superstar

        Mate I know how you feel , see my comment below , the same has happened to me. Keep strong and if you need to talk message me on here somehow .

      • Tom G

        Who wouldn’t be angry friend? I’d be more worried about you if you weren’t angry.

        When a man is unhappy, strays, and then leaves his family society has all sorts of names for that person….. If a woman does the same thing, she and society just call it “a bad relationship.”
        No responsibility whatsoever, and family courts tell the man in mostly all cases he has to pay for that for the rest of his life despite the fact she choose to leave. I wish you peace friend. It will get better, but you are not alone, and your anger is well justified and not some form of mental illness those Oprah worshipers would like to enshrine in our public identity.

        Teach your sons to be careful. Teach them the truth that they have no rights, and to seek out partners who are equals…….

      • Ernie the banana

        Look up MGTOW on YouTube and learn and learn and learn. Mgtow will make you even more angry, at first. But then you’ll understand what is going on and you will not regret it over time. I understand your while story now and would not have, just 3 years back, since I had not heard about MGTOW back then.

      • Suzanne M Greenwood

        I totally understand! my ex left me after 34 years for his young secretary. He totally screwed me over. long story but our three beautiful sons lost all respect for him and rarely talk to him. I wish nothing good for him! That’s ok because he deserves bad karma just like your ex does! it’s all a natural human reaction and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. Good luck with your kids and just do the best by them and they will do you proud. piss on the exes!

    4. Anne

      Anger isn’t for losers.

      Acting out–stalking, harassing and other illegal stuff is for losers.

      Anger is simply an emotional response to hurt. It’s okay to be angry. Some people take longer for the hurt to heal than others–and that’s okay too. It helps if you have good friends and family to help you through it. What also helps? Having open and honest communication with the person who hurt you.

      Also, I have let go of my anger and I can tell you that my life did not get better. It seems to get worse and worse. I feel trapped… like maybe I deserve to be mistreated by everyone around me.

      Being picked up and then thrown down has damaged my ability to trust men. My self-worth and esteem has been taken to astounding lows. I feel like no one could ever love someone like me. I still hurt even as the anger has subsided. I guess some wounds can’t be healed or soothed.

    5. Caroline

      Easy to write an impersonal, detached article like this when you haven’t lived it. Reminds me of a person who doesn’t have kids giving parenting advice or a virgin giving sex advice. Seeking revenge is for losers, agreed. Staying bitter is for losers. But anger is a natural response to being blindsided by the ONE relative you get to choose.

    6. Caroline

      The point I’m making is that we each only live one life. Who are we to judge other people’s responses to their divorces when we don’t know the “ins” and “outs” of what they’ve been through? I don’t thrive on anger, but I have only lived one life. I was only born with ONE temperament, my own. This doesn’t give me the authority to judge other people’s ability to recover from having their lives ruined. Just because some people get hurt so badly they never get over it doesn’t mean they’re losers.

    7. Caroline

      The one who isn’t angry tends to be the one who has gone on their own freewheeling way, often with the distraction of a new partner and the financial advantage. The one who tends to be angry is the one left to pick up the pieces.

    8. Jon

      Well, my ex-wife is still angry at me after three years of being divorced. I didn’t blind side her since she is the one who initiated the whole thing, so I can’t figure out why she just wouldn’t be happy. I’m only preoccupied with her anger because our son has to live through it when he goes from one house to the other (50/50 custody). And to be clear, there was no real reason to get a divorce other than she was too emotionally immature to work with me to solve our differences. I think she just holds onto her anger because it’s easier than dealing with her issues. Me, I’m happy and content!!

      • lisa

        my ex is mad at me, for years he stated how he didn’t want to be married and was cheating, taking money and I finally filed. He married his mistress but is angry with ME, he acts bitter with me. Didn’t you get what you wanted? I cleared the way for your mistress to step in. And I had a lot of pieces to pick up, yet I have moved on

        • Jackie Pilossoph

          I find that the people who are most angry at their spouses are really angry at themselves. They don’t have the self-awareness to look in the mirror and admit fault so it’s easier to blame the ex. It’s really sad, but if you know that’s what’s going on, and that you have no control over his mental health, then it’s easier to move on. The best part of your post was “I have moved on.” that’s wonderful. I hope you are great!!!

    9. Eric

      I think anger is is very primal and easiest emotion. The level of anger would depend on our level of consciousness at particular moment.
      It brings people to mental verbal and physical abuse. It feeds on itself like a vortex.
      The lack of understanding of my emotions caused loss of my kids and ex-spouses love. It collapsed my whole image and self worth. It seems she moved on and has a new man in her life but is still angry at me. Spite of my growth in this area I have moments when I still try to wrap my head around all that transpired. Go figure

    10. Neo

      As a divorced dad, I have the same problem, but only sometimes. I got pissed off tonite because my kids were whiney and I have to be a hero at work and super dad at home and it’s a ton of responsibility. And my ex wife is on the way to the beach, probably using my child support money to go party with. But then I remind myself that everyone gets thrown curveballs in life, like the parents of an autistic child or a debilitating disease, and i think, I should just relax and let the anger subside.

    11. Superstar

      My wife also left me for a woman. Pretended that had nothing to do with the relationship break up , two years later soon as she’s got her hands on divorce money they buy a house together. Yes I’m angry , and I have very right to be same as the first post. It f@@@king hurts in so many ways , lost finically , friends , family … I could go on .. And all every one says it’s for the best , move on , walk a mile in my shoes it’s shitty.

    12. Zero

      Divorce leaves a lifetime psychological damage. Mine happenned 15 years ago. The trust issues related to betrayal are for life. Luckily, we had no kids together and just went pur separate ways. I have not talked
      or heard from her since, and I have now been remarried longer than I was married the first time (9 years).

      It’s not for losers. It’s OK to be angry at one who seriously betrayed and wronged you, for life. Let them taste the bitterness of Karma because of that anger. (Yes, while I am remarried with a beautiful son, my Ex is single and childless, even though it was me who was left for someone else “richer” – the female version of an 18 year old. This must suck).

      I can’t imagine how things would work if we had kids together and actually had to communicate with my ex. I am grateful I don’t have to!

    13. KJW

      I agree that long-term anger is for losers. I’m not indicting anyone else; I’m just saying it for myself. I do not want to be angry for any longer than I have to, preferably never longer than a day. I want to live life happily. However, that is not the place I’m in right now, which is why I’m reading this blog.

      My situation was number 1 above. I left him after trying for years, and watching him half-ass the marriage. He was very angry, but we had agreed to “remain amicable” for our child. I was content, moving on and not angry. Then I met someone new, and it all went out the window. In the last 9 months since then, my ex has systematically destroyed every bit of trust, respect and good will I felt towards him. He has behaved like an a-hole, lied to me, broken promises to me, taken advantage of me, you name it.

      And now, I hate him. I hate knowing that I will have to deal with this turd of a human for the next decade or two of my life. I hate the stress involved in never knowing what he’s going to pull next, never being able to trust his word. I hate the awkwardness every time I see him. I am so angry that he has inserted this ugliness into my life and that I am powerless to get rid of it. I keep telling myself to accept that this is how it will be and come to peace with it, but I have no idea how to do that. How does one come to peace with having a disruptive jerk in their lives virtually forever?

      Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

    14. James

      To KJW

      I am in a similar relationship with wife number 2. I do not talk to or speak of the ex-wife. I had no children with the ex of 13 years, wife 2 has 2 children, the Daughter is grown and has 2 great kids of her own is getting married in May I am taking care of most of her wedding in fact even doing the ceremony. The Daughter hated me at first (she thought I was stealing her mother from her) the Daughter has respect for me now and am grateful for that. Her son is 18 and is a whole different situation. He is challenged, goes to special needs school and has anger disorders. For the last 4 years have been the Father figure in his life. I have had my ups and downs in this relationship and try not to let it show. It does bother me to see her talking to the ex husband (he won’t let her go) still trying to control her talking to her about his personal life and such telling her I am a bad guy making up lies about me and using the boy to get between us. It drives me a little nut’s when he calls he barley paid any child support and is so behind on the payment’s it’s not funny, nothing more than a Bible Thumping Alcoholic that would rather drink than support his kids. I know what you are thinking the boy is 18 and grown so what does it matter. Well for this kid he has the mind of a 10 year old but the hormones of a teenager will be in a special needs school till he is 26. Wow it’s been ruff. I didn’t even mention the fact that we also take care of my Father-in-Law that is the last stages of Alzheimer’s. I got on these sites to see what was wrong with me because after 5 years I miss the ex, I also don’t have the same feelings for this great and wonderful woman I am blessed to be with as I did my first wife. Thought I was just crazy but after reading some of these other peoples feelings it looks like I am normal after all. And believe me has helped me push threw some of the low feelings I get.
      My point is don’t ruin your relationship that you are in now because of the other guy please don’t compare the two men. The wife sometimes compares me with the other guy I have told her many times I am not him so with this being shown to me I never compare the ex with the wife although I may in my own mind.

      I could go on and on but quit at this point! LOL

    15. Marjie

      Love what you wrote. I am finally letting my post divorce anger go. It totally screwed up my general smiley, positive disposition. I’ve never been an angry person until I felt leveled by everything. Became irritable, my sense of mindfulness gone, appreciation for all the beauty in life slowly faded. But I am taking Me back. I do have a life, and need to move forth and start living life again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Mary

      Left after 25 years of marriage for his prom queen co-worker. (His words.) We have 2 kids who are wonderful but he left to go raise her kids. I am hurt and angry. I keep promising myself and my kids I won’t end up bitter, but that’s nearly all I feel. I wonder if hypnosis would work? I used recordings after he left to help with the anxiety, sleeplessness, hopelessness, etc. I know he and the OW never think of me unless they’re trying to take something else away from me. I don’t want to think about them either.

    17. Chad

      As simple as PS’s answer sounds, it works! Focus your energy on selfless acts and you will be amazed at how quickly your anger fades. The meditation works too, but will seem weird at first and takes time to “master” before you will appreciate it as a real therapy.

    18. joshua

      I’am angry over my’s probably better I stay away from her . anytime in the news when I hear of someone taking a semiautomatic weapon into a courthouse and shooting wiithout prejudice reminds me of how well I’ve actually dealt with that cheating bitch.women stop having envy for money and material things,Jesus Christ was sold for 40 pieces of silver.I just don’t get how some women,not All have such a lust for money.Men in any marriage if your wife makes more cash than you do?it is a California wildfire,women hate to see their money go,but if you pay for stuff it’s perfectly fine!!!

    19. Alas

      What judgemental and simplistic views. I agree that people should move on and that anger hurts the person who hangs on to it more than the other person, but people have the right to get angry when they feel they have been wronged. Anger isn’t for losers. Anger is a perfect human emotion. And who are you to say that the woman who has held to her anger for 40 years has a shitty life and that it’s her fault? That’s just nasty. Maybe you should be more compassionate and offer this woman your support and encouragement. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the woman is just bitter and you can’t help her. In that case, just tell it to her as it is and don’t deal with her anymore. And you hate anger, but anger angers you? You make no sense.

      • Jackie Pilossoph

        I have to say, I agree with you. I’m not sure if you noticed (I don’t think my site offers the year the pieces were written) but this is one of the first blog posts I ever posted. – over 3 years ago. Looking back, I was very very angry and a lot of what I wrote was personal. During the three years plus years I have been writing Divorced Girl Smiling, I have evolved, and become much less judgmental. I agree with you that anger is a very healthy emotion that is not for losers at all. I will only say that it is for losers if the person remains angry over the divorce for years and years. – and there are some, you know—those people who just keep talking about how much of a jerk their ex is and it’s 5 years later. I was actually thinking of taking this post down, just because it isn’t really me anymore. I never claim to be an expert, and often times in this blog, admit the mistakes i have made in the past. Hope you aren’t too judgmental of me. 🙂

        • Dor

          Three and a half years post divorce I’m still angry, but less angry.
          I will always be angry over the surprise divorce and the unfair divorce settlement.
          Since then, I focus on myself, my kids, my mom and my friends.
          Patience, hope and peace in my life are important.

    20. Jacob

      This blog is quite old, but if searched out by the angry folks that we are, I’d like to at least put in my two sense and let others struggling, even to this day, know that you’re not alone. My wife left me after 15 years, she had a one night stand and proceeded to share that indiscretion with my family and hers and than blame it on me??? She moved us back to Minnesota from Illinois to get closer to her family, because she wasn’t happy. I left my immediate family to tail along because we have two kids together and to try and fix things, I should’ve known that was the beginning of the end. Sure enough we buy a home, 6 months later, I’m living out of a one bedroom apartment with no support from anyone but a few nearby friends, while she has her mother and father doing laundry, cleaning, watching the kids while she lives like she’s 21 white and single. Long story short, I have 50/50 parental custody, renting a two bedroom shoe box for fear of what would happen if I lose my job. She has a great job, makes about $120,000, and because I make $300,000, she is entitled to $2200.00 per month from me. So anger? Anger? I sit here writing this while she’s on a four day vacation to who knows where with some single body builder, on the weekend she is supposed to have the kids, of course her parents bailed her out, just like they always do. So on one side my anger is starting to subside as our divorce was finalized in Jan-17. I was much angrier. Even though it’s subsiding, it’s is very prevalently stuck in my brain how used and hurt I feel, in addition to feeling like a complete push over for following here. It’s like my happiness means nothing to anyone. All everyone here is concerned with because I have to see her parents ALL THE TIME is that she is happy. I am so sick and tired of thinking about what she’s doing and who she’s with. I’ve tried all sorts of mind exercises, and continue with a new therapist this week. I continue to tell myself why would you want to be with such a selfish, self-absorbed, image-conscious spoiled brat…Truth is, I’m more upset that the woman I married to be the mother of my children is nothing more than a cheating, manipulative, enabled brat. And I do everything I can to show my children that is not real life. Real life is when you’re here, you help with the laundry, you help with the dishes, you help with school lunches. When you are here there is nobody waiting on you hand and foot, because I’m so trying to combat the lifestyle my wife is showing them, especially with her parents condoning this behavior. I assume they just are to get her off their hands and married to someone else. So my anger I suppose is more geared towards why is she allowed to be happy and I have to work my tail off as a single father of two with no help and hardly any time to date and meet people with no family here. I guess as mentioned earlier, recognizing the anger exists and not wanting to live with it any longer is a huge step, so I’m proud of that. However, I honestly don’t want a relationship with a person, even though she is the mother of my children, after watching her turn from a loving mother to a single wh*re who wants nothing to do with our children. There in lies the problem. There is no love for someone who bore two beautiful children and puts herself before spending time with them. Well, if anything I feel better after writing that. 🙂

    21. HawkGirl21

      I found this blog post because I was looking for information on how to deal with my husband’s angry ex wife. She was the one who left him for another man, but she’s still so angry towards him and it’s really impacting our lives together. She repeatedly puts him in no win situations with the kids – the latest one was forcing him to choose between foregoing his own weekend with the children and demanding that they come home early from the vacation she planned for them over his weekend. She’s also started telling the kids how terrible their father is. I think she thinks that if she can win points with her children, she’ll “win” in the divorce even if that means putting her children in the middle and making them feel bad. When I met my husband – four years after they separated and nearly three years after their divorce was finalized – he wasn’t angry or bitter at all towards her. In fact, he told me he just wished she could be happy. This was after she kicked him out of the home they shared, told him if he came back she’d call the cops, and moved her boyfriend and his child into that home three months later. This was also even though she regularly called to tell him he was a deadbeat dad and didn’t care about his children, because he refused to pay the debts she had incurred for her business (debts which she assumed in their final agreement for the business she told him was not community property during their divorce). He has the patience of a saint with this woman, but she is still incredibly angry and bitter. He barely says a word to her and she’ll tell everyone who will listen that he is always “so mean” to her. I think part of the reason that some people are angry after they get divorced is because these people just want to be angry at life. According to my husband, she was just as angry with him when they were married, so he doesn’t think anything of it. I, on the other hand, am horrified at her level of rage and her willingness to pull her own children into her vengeful plot against their father. I wish she would just move on.

    22. Twinmom

      My Ex husband left me for a horrible woman. I did everything, I respected him, I was loyal and truly loved him. After 8 months of being with this horrible woman he admitted he made a mistake and we ended up in bed. Many times behind her back. We were still married and I didn’t care about her. I normally don’t do this to people but I was so angry at her. He just couldn’t break up with her and said all the right things to make me still sleep with him, even though I was still suspicious. Well the horrible woman got fed up with him because he is a loser and I still slept with him. I don’t know why but I had to have him back. The last day we slept together he told me he wanted to date other women. It was a huge slap in the face and I did the no contact which has helped me move on. Its been 9 months and he is with a woman I thought was my friend. I don’t talk to her and I still feel angry that he gets to be with someone and I am still alone. I have my sons but they are older and want to be with their friends. I feel frustrated wonder if their are any nice guys out there? I am starting to lose hope and not trust anyone anymore.

      • Jackie Pilossoph

        Your ex sounds so messed up. You sound like you were a little messed up (very understandably so) while sleeping with him while he was still with this other woman. But now you don’t sound messed up at all. In fact, i see a very very good future for you if you have the courage to be independent and be happy until mr. awesome comes around. I promise you there are nice guys out there. Just be patient and enjoy being single until you meet him. Please do not EVER sleep with your ex again. He sounds toxic. He also very clearly is confused, bouncing from woman to woman and unable to be alone. I think you are on a path to a really good place now that he is out of your life. Please keep it that way! BTW, my kids don’t want to hang out with me now either. It’s really a bummer but great that they are independent and have friends. 🙂

    23. J. Lue

      How dare you say anger is for losers. Anger at 31 years together? It’s justified as is any emotion – always being ‘happy’ is like saying a relationship is great – we never fight! That’s bullshit because arguing is the sign of a healthy relationship because both individuals advocate for themselves. No fighting means someone is not getting their needs met. Always being HAPPY means someone isn’t dealing with life. Maybe that’s why you are divorced.

    24. Steph Wels

      So, basically my ex-wife is a loser. We have been divorced for over 14 years now and she has gained over 152lbs since the divorce. We have a son together who is almost 18 and we can not come together to give him 1 birthday party, 1 graduation party and so on. Her background is, she married her 1st ex, who molested 4 different girls in her family (from 4 different siblings children). He was arrested and she did divorce him. She has a child with him (which is an adult now). Not wanting to be alone, she then went back on the market. Hiding what has happened to her, for the time being, until we got married. It was a secret, that the family was not allowed to share with me. When her anger got to me after being married and having our son, she started telling me she wanted her 1st husband back, but could not because her family would not allow. This is when I realized I was in trouble, but did everything I could to stay, so I could be around my son. I also realized this had made her a manhater over time and I would be the victim of what her 1st husband did. I divorced her when my son turned 6. He is now almost 18. She treats him somewhat abusive in a way, as she slaves him and he feels sorry for her. I do not bash her or her weight, as he loves us both and it is his mom. She has dated anything that would give her a chance, but they run as quick as they can. She now has dated out of her race and the same thing is happening. Since she can not find the 3rd victim, she hold onto the wrath for me. I try hard to avoid her like the plague, but at the same time, I know my son will get married, have children and for this, I will never completely rid her from my life. For my son and my sanity, I wish she would go down to the lake of fire, sooner rather than later. She is totally messed up in the head and not sure how far the abuse to my son has went. I have tried to find out in many ways, but in fear of her wrath, I could not take it to the law. This would of forever made my son hate me, but I felt at his age his mom should not insist to him sleeping in the same bed as her. Her family knows, in which some are in law enforcement, so I have to trust what they tell me. Now you know how I feel for her and wish I could stop the hate.


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