How to Prove Alcoholism in Divorce and Other Tips on Divorcing an Alcoholic


February 17th, 2023 . Tiffany M. Hughes

For those starting divorce proceedings with an alcoholic spouse, I hate to say it, but prepare for a difficult road ahead.  The process could be long, challenging, frustrating, and heartbreaking, and it will likely be emotionally taxing, scary, and ...

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10 People Who Might Not Like You When You Get Divorced


February 16th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

Don’t you feel like when you get divorced, there are two camps, and most people feel like they need to be in one? There are a few people who try to stay neutral, but then it's just awkward, and let's be honest, you can tell whose side they're on. ...

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7 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day after Divorce


February 14th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

 You got through Thanksgiving, but it was a rough one. You managed to survive Christmas but that was even harder. New Year’s felt hopeful and refreshing, but let’s be honest, it was no picnic. And now you’re expected to deal with Valentine’s...

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Waiting For An Apology From Your Ex? Stop.


February 12th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

An email I received from a divorced woman who is waiting for an apology that in my opinion will never come. I am struggling with this today. I have apologized and OWNED my part in the destruction of our marriage. But I realized something … I am ...

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The Nesting Parenting Plan: What It Is, The Risks and the Benefits


February 11th, 2023 . Wendy M. Bowen

When couples decide to separate and get divorced, typically one partner decides to move out. The children then spend part of their time at one parent’s home and part of their time at the other’s home. Each divorce has its own unique schedule. In ...

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