Same-sex Divorce in Illinois Has Its Challenges


July 30th, 2021 . Tiffany M. Hughes

Since 2014, same-sex marriage has been legal in the United States. This means that the legal process for divorce is the same for LGBTQ couples as it is for everybody. Although the legal process is the same, there can often be challenges in a same-sex...

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Why It’s So Infuriating When The Ex-Husband Has A Girlfriend


July 27th, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

I can't speak for every divorce, but almost always, what I see and hear about when it comes to newly separated couples is that the ex-husband has a girlfriend fairly quickly after the couple decides to get divorced. Regardless of who wanted the divor...

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Filing for Divorce? What Women Need To Know Beforehand


July 15th, 2021 . Anna Krolikowska

More than half of the prospective clients who call me are women.  Women tend to initiate divorce proceedings--including filing for divorce, more than men. Some women, however, may not be completely prepared for the divorce process. During the fir...

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12 Truths and Myths about Mediation


July 12th, 2021 . Marjorie Jacobs

Mediation is a word people usually are not familiar with unless they are going through a divorce. Even when you hear the word mediation, it can sound confusing, complicated and even scary—especially if you hear myths about mediation that are simply...

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Coping with Divorce: The Times You Feel Like You Just Got Punched


July 5th, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

Have you ever done a kickboxing class? I’d highly recommend it as a tool for coping with divorce. When I was getting divorced several years ago, punching air or punching a bag really did it for me. It helped me get out all my anger, frustration, an...

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