What is Empathy and why is it Important in Divorce Mediation?


January 30th, 2024 . Brian James

What is empathy and why is it important? As a Divorce Mediator, my role as a neutral is to help my clients reach good parenting and financial agreements, agreements that are in their children’s best interests and equitable for both parties. Ideally...

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Divorce is Devastating. My Story


January 26th, 2024 . Phil LaGiglia

Divorce is devastating. It is a destructive process that can harm the mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual parts of both parents and children. I would know. I went through a divorce several years ago. I wish I could say it was not my...

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15 Signs Your Marriage Will End in Divorce


January 24th, 2024 . Karen Covy

Is This the End? Are you struggling in an unhappy marriage? Do you wonder whether the challenges you’re facing in your marriage are “normal,” or whether they’re signs that you may be headed for divorce? While every marriage is unique, here ar...

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Change is a Bitch: Tips for Coping with Fear of Change


January 23rd, 2024 . Jackie Pilossoph

Change is a bitch, isn't it? It can feel strange, uncomfortable and scary. I think that fear of change is one of the biggest stressors of  divorce. Whether your spouse left you or you left him, change is scary, and probably one of the most difficult...

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Divorce and a Mortgage Assumption: It Makes Sense!


January 22nd, 2024 . Jan Leasure

Are you one of those lucky people who refinanced in 2020 or 2021 and are the proud owner of a mortgage rate in the 2-3% range?  Are you also in the process of or considering a divorce? If so, I want to discuss your divorce and a mortgage assumption ...

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