Dealing With Divorce Anxiety By Thinking Differently


April 4th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

Anxiety and divorce go together. In fact, I think anxiety and fear are two of the most prevalent emotions in divorce, and they last the longest. If you think about it, it makes sense. Between worry about children, finances, living alone, the divorce ...

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11 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent During Your Divorce


April 2nd, 2022 . Leslie Glazier

Several years ago, when I was going through my divorce, my heart was broken. My ending marriage felt like  the loss of a dream.  It was the most painful emotion I had ever experienced. But what made the divorce even harder was the fact that I not o...

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Involved in a High Conflict Divorce? Advice from a Divorce Mediator


March 27th, 2022 . Marjorie Jacobs

A high conflict divorce is a situation where a divorcing couple has high levels of anger, resentment and conflict, to the point where it can make the following extremely difficult: *Co-parenting. *Communicating with each other. *Trusting one anoth...

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Should This Woman Regret Getting Divorced? Nope.


March 24th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

Do people get divorced and never look back? Some do. But I think most divorced men and women spend weeks, months, years, and even decades in some cases, rehashing things that happened in their marriage, looking back and second guessing decisions they...

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Is Divorce Coaching for me? My Q & A with Divorce Coach, Jenny Stevens


March 18th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

When I was getting divorced 15 years ago, divorce coaching wasn’t a thing. Wow, do I wish it had been. I was so lost, so intimidated by legal terms and the process, and scared of how I would make decisions under such stress. A lot has happened i...

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