A Solo Date Might Be Just What You Need During And After Divorce


February 10th, 2020 . Debbie LeSean

A DGS reader wrote this: Just went on my first solo date--went to see the movie Bombshell, which was pretty good. Man, why did I used to be so intimidated by enjoying things alone? It’s so peaceful.   First off, congratulations on your s...

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One Word That Will Prevent You From Getting Over A Divorce


February 8th, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

Getting over a divorce isn't easy. I know that firsthand. But there's one word that really, really, really slows down the process of moving on: Regret.   "He wouldn't have cheated if I was a better wife." "I never should have taken that ...

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My Ex Has A New Girlfriend After A Month and I’m In A Tailspin


February 5th, 2020 . Wendy Sterling

Being newly separated is never easy. But what happens when one of the people gets into a new relationship right away? It kills the other person. Here is what's going on with one DGS reader, who writes, "My ex has a new girlfriend after a month." I...

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Is Drinking Wine Every Night During Divorce A Bad Thing?


February 1st, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

I thought it was important to write about an issue that is oftentimes brushed under the rug, but extremely important, especially during divorce. I’m talking about drinking wine every night to soothe anxiety about divorce and just relax. I did it. ...

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7 Suggestions In Finding Yourself After Divorce


January 23rd, 2020 . Jennifer Joy Butler

So many of us invest our entire selves into our roles in life. Whether that is being a mother, a wife, a homeowner, etc., we find that these identities define us and we rely on them to feel a sense of purpose and importance. Our sense of self gets so...

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