7 Things That Contribute To Negative Effects of Divorce on Children


February 16th, 2021 . Don Gordon

Research has shown that the most damaging part of divorce for children is involving them in loyalty binds.  A loyalty bind happens when a child must make a choice that will be wrong with one parent and not the other. The child feels caught in the mi...

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I Feel Hopeless and Alone During Divorce


February 15th, 2021 . Amy Lee Kite

We all have low points in our lives — times when we may feel a bit lost and alone. Going through a divorce or a separation can definitely be one of those times. This reader recently wrote, "I feel hopeless and alone during divorce:"   I feel...

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Valentine’s Day While Going Through A Divorce Can Be A Rough One


February 12th, 2021 . Lisa Kaplin

Valentine's Day while going through a divorce isn't easy for most people. But what if Valentine's Day was also your wedding anniversary? That's the case for this reader: Valentine’s Day is my wedding anniversary. This is my first one being separ...

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Going Through a Divorce? 7 Names You Need and Why


February 6th, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

Going through a divorce is like entering a new place; a place that is completely unfamiliar and unpredictable. It’s a scary place. You don’t know how things work there, you don’t know the language, mistakes can cost you—emotionally and financ...

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Scared of Being Alone After Divorce or Even Terrified?


February 3rd, 2021 . Lisa Kaplin

A Divorced Girl Smiling Facebook Group member posted this question: Is anyone else scared of being alone after divorce? I am terrified. I was married for thirty years - was living separate in the same house as my ex for a year but physically separate...

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