How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex With Someone Else


April 26th, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

There are countless difficult aspects of ending a relationship and/or getting divorced. One of the big issues I hear from people—no matter if they wanted the divorce or their spouse left them, is fear of how they will feel if and when their ex star...

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10 Tips For Handling Child Support When Unemployed Because of COVID-19


April 23rd, 2020 . J. Matthew Linstroth

Have you lost your job or primary income source due to the coronavirus crisis? You’re not alone. More than 20 million jobs have been lost and most of the country remains under stay-at-home orders. With household finances reeling and business shutdo...

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Child Support and the Federal Stimulus Check: The Facts


April 20th, 2020 . Kathryn McMahon Vivanco

While we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government is in the process of issuing economic impact payments, being referred to by many as federal stimulus checks, to all eligible citizens and U.S. residents.  It is important to underst...

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The Best Place To Sell Jewelry Online During Or After Your Divorce


April 17th, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

Think about all those pieces of jewelry you have that you don’t need or want anymore: a necklace you never wear, a bracelet that was given to you that brings back bad memories, a ring you inherited that you don’t particularly care for… and then...

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Divorce During Quarantine: 10 Tips For Staying Sane


April 13th, 2020 . Karen Covy

As if divorce isn’t hard enough, think about divorce during quarantine. I’m talking about specifically living with your soon-to-be-ex (STBX); being locked down 24/7 with the person you absolutely cannot wait to get away from. Divorce during quara...

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