My Q & A with Divorce Coach Andrea Javor


January 10th, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

I'm just getting to know divorce coach Andrea Javor and I have to say, I'm loving her energy, enthusiasm and passion for helping newly separated and divorced men and women. If you're considering working with a divorce coach, my Q & A with Andrea ...

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A Look at Revenge Affairs and Why You Shouldn’t Have One


January 7th, 2021 . Wendy Sterling

Discovering your partner has cheated is a shocking and emotionally devastating event that can turn your entire world upside down and bring on intense feelings of anger, betrayal, rejection, and abandonment, among others. It is normal to want to g...

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My Ex Is Getting Married And It Hurts Like Hell. How To Handle It


January 1st, 2021 . Jackie Pilossoph

My ex is getting married and it hurts like hell!! That's what I wanted to shout several years ago when I found out my ex was engaged. Not because I wanted to get back together with him, but because of so many emotions stirring around in my head. I...

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As a Divorced Person, What are Your Goals for 2021?


December 29th, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

A friend of mine sent me this meme, where you search for words, and the first four you happen to see are supposed to be your focus for 2021. Now, the thing is, I would rather choose my own four words when it comes to what I want for my life in 2021, ...

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What Divorce Does To A Woman: 8 Great Things!


December 27th, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

Divorce is devastating. It’s heartbreaking, it's gut-wrenchingly sad, and it can be really, really depressing. When people think of what divorce does to a woman (or a man), I bet they think of all the potential negative things: 1. Divorce makes ...

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