Being Honest with Yourself in Healing after Divorce


August 23rd, 2022 . Gretchen Hydo

Being honest with yourself isn’t easy. I can say that personally. Tomorrow is my 22nd wedding anniversary. I’ve been lucky enough to stay married to the same man for all this time. In dog years, we’ve been together for well over 100.  Most of ...

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Mediation Tips and 4 Things NOT to Say During Mediation


August 18th, 2022 . Ellen Feldman

When couples go into divorce mediation, most of the time they have the best intentions, meaning they want the process to work. Unfortunately, some people make statements during mediation sessions that end up undermining the process, to the point wher...

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How to Tell Your Kids About the Divorce: 17 Things to Say


August 13th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

Thinking about how to tell your kids about the divorce? That is perhaps the most heartbreaking and difficult aspect of a divorce. As parents, we are all so protective of our children, both physically and emotionally, and the last thing a parent wants...

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Want to Know How to Get an Amicable Divorce?


August 8th, 2022 . Tami Wollensak

Want to know how to get an amicable divorce? Here's a great article, written by Tami Wollensak, Certified Divorce Lending Professional CDLP), that can help steer you in the right direction. According to Tami, how to get an amicable divorce starts ...

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4 things Often Overlooked in Divorce Agreements


August 4th, 2022 . Katherine E. Miller

When clients are going through a divorce, I find that oftentimes they are focused on getting through it and getting it over with. In other words, the urgency to get past what feels like a crisis becomes the biggest priority. While I certainly underst...

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