My Daughter is Getting Married: A Divorced Mom’s Thoughts


September 6th, 2022 . Allison A. Alexander

As divorced parents, my former spouse and I worked hard to set aside our differences to celebrate our children’s milestones. We made it through numerous birthdays, graduations, and athletic tournaments with courtesy, kindness, and warmth. This next...

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How to Get Over A Divorce: Stop Playing the Victim!


September 4th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

Want to know how to get over a divorce? I have some advice. When I was first getting divorced, I was beyond depressed. I was sad, I was scared, but mostly I was angry. 'Why did this happen to me?' and 'It’s not fair' were constantly going through m...

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How to Empower Yourself after Divorce


September 3rd, 2022 . Jasmine Rice

Feeling empowered is essentially the opposite of feeling powerless. Feeling empowered is believing you are in control—I don’t mean having to call the shots 100% of the time—control is also controlling how you respond to situations that you aren...

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Divorce Advice for Women: 10 Things To Always Carry In Your Purse


August 27th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

I love purses. I just do. I always have. I love shopping for purses, I love having different purses to match different outfits, and I love the fact that purses don't come in sizes and your purse can make your outfit, no matter how bloated you feel on...

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Your Painful Breakup: 9 Things You Might Be Feeling


August 24th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

When my son was little, he once cut his knee, and we ended up at the emergency room where he got a few stitches. His wound was raw at first, and needed to be kept clean and dry. It was red and puffy and swollen, and as he described it, “thumping....

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