Back To School Tips for Parents Divorced or Separated


September 12th, 2023 . Cary Jacobson

Back to school is such a mixed bag of emotions. With feelings of excitement and joy to stress about how it will go for the kids, this is a time of change that can feel hectic. Add divorce to the mix and back to school just got even tougher! In this a...

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The Storm Out During Mediation or Another Divorce Proceeding


September 11th, 2023 . Katherine E. Miller

Sometimes in divorce negotiations, whether in mediation or collaborative sessions, one of the parties gets upset or feels unappreciated or insulted. Or they can’t believe what the other person said and feel very strong emotions, so they get up an...

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Selling Your Wedding Ring After Divorce? Here’s what 34 Women Did with the Money


September 9th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

Thinking of selling your wedding ring after divorce, but not sure where to sell it, when to sell it, or how to sell it? Many people think a divorced woman should either sell your ring or put it in a jewelry box and let it just sit there. But those ar...

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How Do You Stop Loving Someone? Let Me Count The Ways…


September 7th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

We’ve all heard that divorce story…about the couple who went to court on the day of their divorce, and then after it was final got a hotel room and had sex. I have heard those stories, but never talked with anyone firsthand who admitted they actu...

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Want to Minimize Divorce Attorney Fees? Read this!


September 5th, 2023 . Daniel Stefani

There are many components that add to the stress of going through a divorce, one of them being divorce attorney fees. Usually already concerned about finances, couples going through a divorce are now receiving a new monthly expense that can seem over...

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