How Do You Handle a Bullying Husband?


August 27th, 2020 . Debbie LeSean

“Why when he left me, does he treat me like crap? I don’t understand. He’s got what he wanted, he’s with her. I’m left to bring up our son alone and yet he is absolutely vicious to me. How do you handle a bullying husband? I’m being bulli...

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Breakup advice: Understanding Your Broken Heart Is The Key To Healing


August 22nd, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

Being in my 50's, it would be impossible for me to say I haven't had my heart broken multiple times in my life. Of course when I got divorced it happened, but other men (and even a couple platonic female friends) have broken my heart. That's why I fe...

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Consider Having a COVID Talk With The Ex


August 19th, 2020 . Lisa Kaplin

Everyone has unique thoughts when it comes to how we view COVID, and what safety measures we feel we need to take. It's important to remember to respect each person's opinions, and not to judge on someone's comfort level or lack of comfort when it co...

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Plastic Surgery and Divorce: Are Breast Implants Marital Assets?


August 13th, 2020 . Russell Knight

Divorce is often accompanied by physical changes in the divorcing parties.  Men often go gray from the stress, and almost everyone loses weight.  But, some soon-to-be-divorced people take their divorce as an opportunity for physical self-improvemen...

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10 Reasons The Mediation Process is a Great Option In Divorce


August 9th, 2020 . Anna Krolikowska

Control.  Sometimes we feel we are in control of a situation.  Sometimes we feel as though we don’t have as much control over a situation.  My clients frequently tell me they feel their lives start to go out of control when they are separating a...

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