Starting Over after Divorce at 50 or any age? One Word Matters


March 7th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

When I was a young mom--married with a toddler and a baby, I remember times when all I wanted was to be alone. I would fantasize about escaping to a desert island where I could lie on the beach all day hear nothing but the sound of the ocean. That’...

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Is Drinking Wine Every Night During Divorce A Bad Thing?


March 4th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

I thought it was important to write about an issue that is oftentimes brushed under the rug, but extremely important, especially during divorce. I’m talking about drinking wine every night to soothe anxiety about divorce and just relax. I'm not jud...

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Finding Happiness After Divorce isn’t a Possibility, it’s a PROBABILITY


March 1st, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

 Ask any newly separated man or woman if he or she thinks finding happiness after divorce is possible, and the answer you get will involve a grim outlook. “Who knows?” they will might say with their head down, their eyes possibly filling with...

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Frustration During Divorce: 20 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like You’re Going Bonkers!


February 26th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

Of all the emotions a person can feel while going through a divorce--fear, sadness, guilt, self-pity, anger, and resentment, one of the worst ones might be frustration. Frustration during divorce is very hard to cope with. Why?   Because f...

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8 Divorce Emotions You Might be Experiencing


February 23rd, 2022 . Jennifer Warren Medwin

The process of divorce is challenging. It can consume every aspect of your life. While each divorce is unique, if you are contemplating divorce or going through one, you will most likely find yourself navigating common divorce emotions—emotions tha...

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