After 3 Years I Can’t Live Without Him Still


April 12th, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

I’m not sure there is a woman on earth who hasn’t said or felt these five words: I can’t live without him. The words are usually spoken or thought during or after a breakup, a divorce, or a death.   It’s unbelievably heartbreaking ...

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Why Mediation During COVID-19 Makes Sense


April 8th, 2020 . Jennifer L. Lavin

We have all experienced the impact of the unprecedented public health pandemic, COVID-19, upon our families, local neighborhoods, and global communities.  Now, more than ever, people who are considering divorce, who are in the midst of a current div...

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Tips For Loneliness From Social Distancing And Divorce


April 3rd, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

It might be one of the most painful emotions a person can feel: loneliness. It’s an empty, sad, depressing, scary and hopeless feeling. An unhappy marriage, a separation, or a divorce can all cause someone to feel incredibly lonely. But add social ...

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Stress, Fear and Frustration of Parenting Time During COVID-19


March 31st, 2020 . Jackie Pilossoph

When you're getting divorced or divorced, parenting time is something that is usually court ordered or agreed upon in mediation. In other words, the schedule that you and your ex set up is usually bound by law. But does that apply to parenting time d...

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Tips On Getting Through The Quarantine As a Single Parent


March 29th, 2020 . Stephanie Tang

This article aims to provide some tips on getting through the quarantine as a single parent; juggling children’s needs while complying with the CDC and local government guidelines. As cases of COVID-19 continue to increase daily, parents are con...

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