When the Kids are With the Ex and You’re Home Alone

kids are with the ex

By Jackie Pilossoph, Founder, Divorced Girl Smiling, the place to find trusted, vetted divorce professionals, a podcast, website and mobile app.

If someone asked me what the hardest part of divorce is I’d say it’s right after the ex moves out and the children are with him and you’re sitting there home alone, by yourself, wondering how the heck you got to this point. I would go to bed and wake up in an eerily quiet house and I hated it so much.

I have a friend who is experiencing a new separation and is having a hard time when the kids are with the ex. She called me crying the other day because her two little girls were at their dad’s house from Friday night through Monday morning.


“I have never been without them for this long,” she cried. “It hurts so much.”


I felt terrible for her and I was able to related 100%.


When I first got separated and my kids went to my ex’s, I started doing something pretty unhealthy: drinking. I would drink wine by myself, and call my girlfriends buzzed and crying. I was also going out to bars a lot and drinking. It was such an unhealthy way to cope with the kids being with the ex and feeling so alone.


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I would tell anyone who is newly separated to be aware of how much you drink. Newly separated people are susceptible to addictions (including alcohol) because they are trying to numb pain, anxiety and fear. Anyhow, it took a few months, but the drinking diminished significantly.


As time went on, things got easier. I started getting used to the kids not being at my house on certain nights. Actually, I don’t think you ever really “get used to it,” but I started coping in much more productive ways.

Here are 6 pieces of advice for when the kids are with the ex and you are home alone:

1.    Don’t think too much and stop the guilt.


It’s easy for a newly separated person to start hating him or herself. “I chose to get divorced and now I have to be without my kids. God is punishing me. I’m a horrible person. Who doesn’t sleep in the same house with their young children every night?” Those are some thoughts that were going through my head when I was recently separated, and I now see how ridiculous they are.

You aren’t being punished! You did what was best for everyone by splitting up. And, if the divorce wasn’t your decision, you had no choice. Ask yourself this question. Would the kids be better off living in a household with two unhappy people whose marriage wasn’t working, where there is no love, only fighting and anger and deceit and resentment? Every case is unique, but I have to believe in most cases, the kids are better off in 2 loving homes than in one unhappy one.


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2.    Learn to enjoy the time alone.

When your kids were babies, how many times did you wish you could run away and do something for yourself? Now you can! Do a yoga class, work on doing your job better, see friends, go to a movie, read good books, take a bath. Life is too short to spend ANY time sitting around being miserable. We are put on this earth to enjoy ourselves. Please don’t waste precious time crying about something you have no control over.


3.    Don’t feel guilty about enjoying the time alone.

That’s just unproductive. And I bet if you asked your kids, they would want you to enjoy your time. Plus, when they come back, you will be refreshed and excited to see the kids and you’ll have this twinkle of happiness and they will see it.



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 4.    Talk to your kids.

For years when my kids were little, they would ask, “Mom, what are you going to do while we’re at dad’s?” as if they are worried about leaving me home alone. I would answer them by rattling off a million things I had to do, or maybe friends I was seeing, which I think made them feel very relieved and happy. The burden isn’t on the kids. The worst thing you can do is show that unhappy face that lets your kids know you are sad that they are leaving. It’s actually selfish to do that, in my opinion.



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5.    Be flexible with your ex about schedule changes.

Let’s say your ex has to go out of town and can’t have your kids on his scheduled night. What do you do? Say, “tough. Get a sitter?” No! Say, “No problem, I will have them that night.” Why? Because then, he or she will do the same for you when you need to make changes. And, if he or she doesn’t reciprocate, who cares? What have you lost by taking the high road? Nothing. You’ve gained good karma and you did what was best for your kids. Trust me, helping each other out is so good for coping with divorce, and your relationship with your ex. More importantly, it’s good for your kids.


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 6.    Enjoy the time you have when your kids are home.

Think about parents who have long work hours, or people who travel a lot for their jobs. They are really in the same boat. You might have less time with your kids now, but you can make the time you have really fun, and enjoyable. So don’t focus on the times you are home alone, focus on what you are going to do when your kids are with you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a day in the city at 2 museums, stores and out for dinner, or if it’s sitting in front of the fireplace watching a show. Looking at their little faces, scratching their backs, listening to their problems and enjoying every moment is what counts.

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    5 Responses to “When the Kids are With the Ex and You’re Home Alone”

    1. edie butler

      Thanks. I know how it feels living in an empty house. with no kids with me. When silence is deafening, I agree that it’s important I keep my thoughts positive and uplifting. It IS better when the kids are in two happy households. I am cruel to make the kids feel worried or guilty about me being here alone. There are so many wonderful things I am now able to do, now that I have regained my independence!

    2. Melissa

      Thanks for posting this. I’ve been separated/divorced for 4 years now and I still have a hard time when my kids are gone for long stretches. I’ve learned to fill my time with both busy activities, general getting stuff done, and recoup time for me.

    3. Brandi

      Can’t thank you enough. I’m bawling my eyes out on my first night alone and this is the first thing that got me to smile. Phew. Glad I’m capable of that. I was ready to call of my divorce. Thinking I’ll manage, at least for tonight. Thanks!

    4. Nithya Srivatsan

      I am in the same situation except here the kids dont come to me ..they are denied from meeting me. I am feeling awful..i chose to come out of the house becuase i was constantly being insulted for my affair which i had stopped a few years back…my kids started to ignore and disrespect me. Now they are not allowed to meet me..

    5. El

      I’m not attacking any of you. I don’t know your specific situations. And I have no doubt that you are in pain. But seriously, complaining about not seeing your kids for a weekend because they are with their dad? Really? Us fathers routinely have our children kept away from us by the mother for weeks or months during a divorce. And, in the end, after spending our life savings and going into debt fighting to just spend a little time with our kids – that’s all most of us want after all, and to move on and rebuild our lives – we are granted only every other weekend with them. Four to six nights a month. That’s it. And we are told to shut up an be happy about it. It’s humiliating and disheartening. Mostly, it’s sad for the children who need a father and man in their lives. And to add insult to injury, we are often ordered to pay exorbitant child support to the mother and possibly maintenance for the “privilege” of being a visitor to our children. It’s really hard to feel sympathy for any woman (who according to statistics initiates the divorce most of the time) because the kids are with their loving father for a couple of days. I’m not attacking women. I know it feels excruciating for you.. I’m not taking that away from you. But maybe this will help put things in perspective and bring some peace in your life during a difficult time. And, perhaps, understand your ex better for the benefit of your children.


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