Co-Parenting, Alcohol Misuse and the Holidays

alcohol misuse

By Chris Beck, Vice President of Business Development - Family Law at Soberlink

The holidays can be a challenging time for co-parenting, especially when one parent struggles with alcohol misuse. It’s a time when children should be experiencing the joy of the season, not the confusion or distress that can come with a parent’s drinking. As a platform that assists women navigating divorce, we recognize the added layer of complexity that comes with drinking and the holidays. This article aims to offer support and resources to help you ensure your children have a safe and happy holiday.


First, it’s crucial to have a clear and structured parenting plan in place. This plan should outline the holiday schedule and include provisions for handling any unexpected situations. It’s essential to have this agreement formalized so both parents are clear on the expectations and consequences.


Communication with your co-parent about their alcohol misuse use can be incredibly sensitive.

It’s important to address your concerns in a way that is direct yet non-confrontational. Keep the focus on your children’s needs and safety and their overall best interests. Document any instances of concern related to your co-parent’s alcohol use and alcohol misuse as this information can be important if modifications to custody arrangements are needed.


When managing concerns about a co-parent’s drinking and alcohol misuse, technology such as Soberlink can be a crucial resource. Soberlink is a handheld, alcohol testing device that captures and shares evidence of sobriety in real-time. The process is straightforward: parents perform a breath test at agreed-upon times, the device verifies their identity to make sure the right person is taking the test, and built-in tamper sensors verify the test’s validity.

Then, the results are immediately sent to designated contacts, which could include you, a family lawyer, or another trusted party. By providing court-approved proof of sobriety, Soberlink can ease worries by reassuring the other parent and ensuring the children’s safety during parenting time.


Soberlink - Protect What Matters Most


As difficult as it may be, it’s important to remain supportive of a co-parent who is dealing with alcohol issues. Encouraging them to seek help and maintain sobriety, especially during the holidays, is in everyone’s best interest. It is also critical to have discussions with your children about the situation in an age-appropriate manner. They need to understand that they are not responsible for their parent’s drinking and that they can always reach out to you for support.


Lastly, take care of yourself during this time. The stress of dealing with a co-parent engaging in alcohol misuse can be taxing. Seek out support from friends, family, or a professional to manage your well-being. Your strength and calmness are vital for your children during the holidays.


While the holidays can amplify the challenges of co-parenting, taking practical steps to monitor and address these issues is essential. Using tools like Soberlink, establishing a solid co-parenting plan, maintaining open lines of communication, and having a supportive network can make a significant difference. Remember, your focus is on the safety and happiness of your children, and providing them with a worry-free holiday experience is the ultimate goal.


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