How to Attract the Love of Your Life in 2023


December 22nd, 2022 . Maria Spears

Wondering how to attract the love of your life? More than dating strategies, dating apps, new outfits, beauty treatments, therapy or more, there is one thing you need. This one thing is more important than your physical appearance, age, past relation...

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5 Dating Rules to Follow


December 5th, 2022 . Martina Smilevska

We all know how complicated dating can be, especially in the age of technology. It seems like everyone is always on their phone and it's tough to connect with someone and build a relationship. That leads us to dating rules. They help you stay on trac...

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Is He Not Interested Anymore Or Just Busy? Sweetie, Let’s Talk


December 4th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

“What the hell?” a divorced woman asked on the Divorced Girl Smiling Facebook group page. "Is he not interested anymore or just busy?" Here is her story in a nutshell and my advice on why she shouldn’t be asking “What the hell?” but rather ...

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I Was Cheated On: ‘He Looked In My Eyes And Lied”


November 7th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

Here are excerpts from an email I received from a single mom who writes, "I was cheated on." The woman dated this guy for 8 years. Seven months ago, she found out he cheated on her for the last year of their relationship, basically living two lives. ...

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3 Kinds of Love in a Lasting Romantic Relationship


November 4th, 2022 . Jackie Pilossoph

I want to talk about 3 kinds of love that are present in a lasting romantic relationship.I actually can’t take credit for coming up with what they are; I was recently at a beautiful Michigan wedding and I am stealing the 3 kinds of love from the of...

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