4 Stories For Those Frustrated With Dating


December 13th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

I have never met someone who enjoys dating all the time. I always found dating to be like somewhat of a roller coaster. First dates can feel awkward, and can result in a painfully long dinner with Mr. or Ms. Definitely Not Right. Then there's the dis...

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What is Love Bombing? Tips From a Dating Coach


December 3rd, 2023 . Alyssa Dineen

The year 2023 was the year of love bombing. What is love bombing? No, it's not a new concept (unfortunately, narcissists have been working their tricks forever), but love bombing suddenly became a regular headline topic this year. Article after artic...

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Coping With Jealousy And Insecurity In A Relationship


October 17th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

No one wants to be "that girl..." the jealous, insecure person who gets upset if her boyfriend even glances at another woman. But coping with jealousy and insecurity in a relationship--especially if he's the love of your life, and especially after di...

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Facebook, Divorce, The Good, and The Ugly


October 11th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

Like most people, I have a love hate relationship with facebook.  On one hand, the social media giant allows you to catch up with all of your friends, see their photos, know their birthdays and more. Facebook is also amazing in promoting a business....

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The First Breakup After Divorce Hurts More Than The Divorce


October 5th, 2023 . Jackie Pilossoph

Divorce is devastating. For everyone who goes through it. But there's something that I think might be even worse: the first breakup after divorce. What I mean is, when you get into your first serious relationship after the divorce and it ends. That's...

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