Dating At 50: No, You Don’t Turn Into A Pumpkin When You Turn 50


October 25th, 2019 . Jennifer Joy Butler

Question from a reader: I have a question about dating at 50. For some reason, men in their 50s are judged by different criteria, not looks alone, whereas for women, physical appearance still is a primary criteria. I am 52. I hear feedback from many ...

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Baggage is OK! The Benefits of Dating Someone Who Is Divorced


October 1st, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

Dating someone who is divorced is complicated. Very complicated. You've got an ex in the picture, you've got his ex, you've got the kids, you've got his kids, you've got lifestyle changes, you've got financial issues and child support payments... ...

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Healing After A Breakup Means Facing Your Pain Head On


September 28th, 2019 . Jennifer Joy Butler

Healing after a breakup takes time. It isn't easy. BUT, there is one thing that will prolong your sadness, and might even keep you sad forever. Let me explain... HAVE YOU EVER LOST SOMEONE YOU LOVE? Someone who touched you at the core of your being...

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First Date Advice: What NOT To Do On A First Date


September 13th, 2019 . Jackie Pilossoph

You spend hours picking out the perfect outfit. A mani-pedi is a must. You invest in those boots you’ve had your eye on for weeks, and jog that extra mile, all in an effort to be fresh and ready for your first date with Mr. Hopefully He's Perfect. ...

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Stop Walking On Eggshells


August 14th, 2019 . Lisa Kaplin

My clients often tell me about people in their lives who are challenging and thus cause them to be walking on eggshells. My question to my clients is always, “Whose eggshells are they?” What I am trying to ask my clients is, “Who is responsible...

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