I Need a Divorce Even Though Our Marriage Looks Okay


April 26th, 2021 . Amy Lee Kite

A Divorced Girl Smiling Facebook group page member posted the following question: Has anyone here been the one who initiated the separation/divorce simply because they found their marriage toxic and damaging to their mental health?  I need a divorce...

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I Feel Hopeless and Alone During Divorce


February 15th, 2021 . Amy Lee Kite

We all have low points in our lives — times when we may feel a bit lost and alone. Going through a divorce or a separation can definitely be one of those times. This reader recently wrote, "I feel hopeless and alone during divorce:"   I feel...

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How Do You Move On When You Still Love Him?


December 25th, 2020 . Amy Lee Kite

Sometimes we just want to hear loving, confirming words from someone. Those three words, “I love you,” can make us feel secure, valued and at ease. But, "I love you" doesn't always translate to, "I want to get back together." In other words, you ...

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How Do You Sleep When Stressed and Anxious about Your Divorce?


November 23rd, 2020 . Amy Lee Kite

I’m having trouble with anxiety. Cannot sleep. Desperately unhappy. How do you sleep when stressed and anxious about your divorce? First, know that you are not alone. Throughout this pandemic specifically, many people are experiencing anxiety an...

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Smell and Attraction: We’re Here To Tell You That Smell Matters!


October 24th, 2020 . Amy Lee Kite

Smell and attraction is an interesting topic. What if you are dating this great person, who looks attractive to you, whose personality you are loving, and for who you have great respect, but there's one thing off: his smell. In other words, what do y...

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