50 Reasons You Should Exercise During Divorce

exercise during divorce

By Jackie Pilossoph, Founder, Divorced Girl Smiling, the place to find trusted, vetted divorce professionals, a podcast, website and mobile app.

Have you been hitting the gym during your divorce? If not, what are you waiting for? Exercise during divorce is crucial in feeling your best in many ways, mostly emotional!

During a divorce, there are good coping mechanisms, and not-so-good coping mechanisms. Some people use drugs and alcohol to cope, others use religion or therapy. Some think dating right away will help them cope, others dive into work. Exercise during divorce is a GREAT coping mechanism.


I can honestly say, exercise during divorce made my life back then a million times easier and better.


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If you aren’t a workout person, I’m not going to try to talk you into becoming a fanatic. I’m not talking about going to the gym 7 days a week for 2 hours and sweating and being exhausted after workouts. I’m talking about starting slow, even if you start with walking, and perhaps try to work your way up to some sweating, stretching, and strengthening muscles, particularly core.

People think exercising means all or nothing. It doesn’t mean that at all! Even if you want to stay home and exercise, if you lift two soup cans over your head 50 times 3 times a day, that is exercise! It’s doing something. Walking, jogging in place, dancing to music, sitting on the floor in front of your TV and stretching. All of that is better than doing nothing exercise-wise.


If that hasn’t motivated you, here are 50 ways exercise during divorce will benefit you:

1. Improves mood swings.

2. Clears your mind.


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3. Empowers you.

4. Fosters self-love.

5. Weight loss.

6. More energy.

7. Boosts immune system.


8. Takes your mind to a different place. Acts as an escape.

9. Lowers cholesterol.

10. Helps with chronic illness.

11. Lowers blood pressure.

12. Allows you to eat more and maintain a healthy weight.

13. Helps you make friends.

14. Could help your love life.

15. Keeps your skin healthy.

16. Keeps your hair healthy.

17. Helps prevent back pain.

18. Helps arthritis.


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19. Teaches you to breathe deep (if you do yoga.)

20. Helps digestion.

21. Improves sleep.

22. Makes you a better mother.

23. Keeps you feeling younger.

24. Slows the aging process.

25. Improves memory.

26. Improves concentration and focus.

27. Improves your sex life.

28. Reduces risk of diabetes, stroke, heart attack.

29. Boosts self-esteem.

30. Makes you more health conscious about eating.

31. Its fun.

32. It gives you a sense of purpose.

33. Reduces stress.

34. Increases your metabolism.

35. Reduces risk of cancer.

36. Helps with depression.

37. Helps anxiety.

38. Increases pain tolerance.

39. Better brain function.

40. Reduces inflammation.

41. Helps headaches.

42. Cures hangovers.

43. People who work out have less wrinkles.

44. You’ll make friends you love seeing!

45. Gives you functional strength-daily activities are easier.

46. Makes you feel pretty.

47. Makes you feel powerful, like you can handle anything!

48. It’s detoxifying.

49.Makes you proud of yourself.

50. Makes you less bitter.

I do want to urge you to speak with your physician before beginning a rigorous workout routine, just to make sure you have the right fitness program for your body type, age and other factors that impact physical health.


Going through a divorce is gut-wrenching and probably one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Hitting the gym really does take some of the pain away, and makes life seem so much more manageable. Try it. I can almost guarantee no one ever regretting going to the gym!


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    1. Robin

      During divorce, exercise serves as a powerful coping mechanism, reducing stress and anxiety while boosting mood through endorphin release. It fosters mental clarity, improves sleep quality, and enhances self-esteem. Physical activity also provides a healthy outlet for processing emotions and maintaining overall well-being.


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