Women Over 40: What’s In Your Purse?



By Jackie Pilossoph, Divorced Girl Smiling Editor-in-Chief

I can’t speak for other women over 40, but I carry a lot of “stuff” in my purse. In purchasing a new Tory Burch a few days ago, I realized the importance of certain items for women to carry with them at all times. In this week’s Love Essentially, published yesterday in Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press, here are 9 things a woman over 40 should have in her purse.


9 Things A Woman Over 40 Should Carry In Her Kate Spade   by Jackie Pilossoph

It’s one of life’s little joys, a small but intensely gratifying item that can instantly transform a woman’s demeanor and self-confidence level from below average to movie star. I’m taking about a new handbag.

There’s something about a this-season Prada or a timeless Louis Vuitton hanging on a woman’s shoulder that in some way makes us feel fashionable, pretty, sexy and happy. I should know, as I recently nabbed a Tory Burch on sale at a Nordstrom sale a few days ago.

But as I was cleaning out my old, worn-out bag, throwing away old receipts and gum wrappers, and transferring all of my “stuff” into my new bag, I realized something. What a woman carries in her purse is just as important, if not more important than the purse itself.

Here are nine things a woman needs in her purse to make her feel like the best woman she can be:

1. Lipstick: I actually dedicated an entire Love Essentially column a few months ago to the importance of wearing lipstick and how it can drastically improve your love life. Colorful lips make a woman feel so pretty that she will actually walk with better posture, and exude more self-confidence, thereby becoming much more attractive to others.

2. Photos of your loved ones: Need a little boost of happiness and/or hope? You’ll find it in the faces of your parents, siblings, kids and spouse. Whether you have them stored in your phone or taped into a tiny photo album, looking at photos of the ones you love most will offer strength and courage when you need it.
3. Resume: Several years ago, a former executive at the company where I worked told a group of us that our resumes should always be updated and readily available. “I’m not telling you to quit the company,” he said. “I’m telling you to be prepared at all times for an opportunity that can present itself when you least expect it.”

4. Bottle of water: I’m not a health expert, but here’s my rationale for carrying water in your purse. Mayo Clinic recommends women drink 2.2 liters of water per day. If you’re anything like me, you’re on the go all day with little access to water. If it’s in your purse, problem solved.

5. A symbol of faith: Spirituality has gotten me through some of the roughest times in my life. I’m not telling you to start going to church or synagogue on a weekly basis if that’s not your thing. But having faith and talking to God – wherever you are – can be comforting and can offer hope. Carrying a symbol can offer added inspiration and the feeling of safety.

6. A symbol of luck: A four-leaf clover, a lucky penny, a horseshoe, a wishbone, a fortune cookie fortune or some other personal item should be kept with you. A little extra luck never hurts!

Click here to read the rest of the article, published yesterday in Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press. Number 9 is my favorite.

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