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In my Love Essentially column, published yesterday in Chicago Tribune Pioneer Press, I talk about 11 of my favorite on-screen love stories. I wanted to post this on Divorced Girl Smiling, because it occurred to me that all of these movies are great movies for newly separated people to watch. Why? Because really great love stories give us hope and inspiration, and make us remember that life and love goes on, even after loss.


11 On-Screen Love Stories You Will Love by Jackie Pilossoph

While watching the Oscars this year, something occurred to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a love and relationships columnist and therefore sensitive to what movie producers think the public wants to see on the big screen, but I found it interesting that not one movie nominated was close to being a love story.

It leads me to wonder, ‘Is Hollywood losing interest in romantic comedies, dramadies or classic love stories that leaves people with warm hearts and puffy, red eyes (in a good way?)

Here are 11 of my favorite on-screen love stories. Some have won Oscars and other awards, and some might be films you’ve never even heard of. What I can say is that every one of these are unforgettable, beautifully written and a great choice if you want to feel happy, hopeful and inspired.

1. When Harry Met Sally (1989) Written by Nora Ephron (my idol) and nominated for an Oscar for best screenplay, this sweet, endearing movie asks the question, ‘Can best friends turn into lovers and stay happy?’ It is adorably funny and heartwarming, and will put you in a good mood for a week.

2. Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Nominated for several Oscars and the winner of one, I can’t say enough about what a great movie this was. The memorable story about personal growth and finding love when you least expect it is laugh out loud funny, sweet and unforgettable.

3. Love Story (1970) This one has made me cry all 50 times I’ve seen it. A young couple in love faces heartbreaking tragedy. Love Story did win one Oscar, and was nominated for several.

4. Rocky (1976) This movie won the Oscar for best picture, but while many describe Rocky as an inspirational boxing movie, I call it as I see it, and I say it’s one of the best love stories of all time.
5. Along Came Polly (2004) No Oscars for this one, but what makes it one of my faves? Actors, Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston and Philip Seymour Hoffman, plus adorable and hilarious writing. The plot: Dumped on his honeymoon, a type A guy starts dating an old classmate who is his exact opposite.

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7 Responses to “11 Great Movies for The Newly Separated”

  1. Megan Dunn

    I have been separated for over a year now, and we are in the middle of gathering all the paper work to move forward to divorce town. It took 3 months to get myself sorted, and that is when I moved out and I got my own place, (the first time living on my own in 11 yrs). It was terrible and liberating at the same time, but most of all it was lonely. I spent a lot of time lying in bed, reflecting and watching movies. Stumbling upon this blog post, it made me laugh, because, I watched each one of these movies on the list.

  2. honey

    No, for me it’s got to be difficult subtitled arthouse European movies that help me make sense of the position am in.
    Red Desert by Michelangelo Antonioni – reminds you about how the world does not revolve around you, it just keeps going even thru your trauma
    Vagabond – Agnes varda shows us that too much individualism is not such a good thing
    Hiroshima mon amour – Alain Resnais, the enigma of relationships
    Katalin Varga – Peter Strickland – revenge is not sweet


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