Divorce is Devastating. My Story

By Phil LaGiglia, Mortgage Lender, Senior Vice-president, North Shore Trust & Savings

Divorce is devastating. It is a destructive process that can harm the mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual parts of both parents and children. I would know. I went through a divorce several years ago. I wish I could say it was not my fault, but that would be a lie. I was responsible for 100% of my actions that led to my divorce.

As a city kid growing up in the seventies in Chicago, life was not easy, and I found myself as a young adult emotionally unhealthy and self-serving. Years of self-destructive behaviors contributed to the demise of my first marriage, as well as my first career. I also damaged many close relationships in my path, much like leaves falling from a tree in the fall. Like a child, I would look for forgiveness when caught, without applying a change to the behavior.

Fortunately, in 2010, I was able to get on a road to healing. How? By His grace in salvation. God’s love is the greatest of all things that continues to overcome the challenges and struggles life can bring. This is especially important to remember if you are going through a divorce or in any struggle in life. God’s comfort and peace, by His Love, comes from a relationship with Him.

Receiving this Grace by Faith was the foundation for me to have found peace and joy in my life. I worked on myself in therapy, I repaired relationships with those I wronged, and I am married again, this time with joy because of loving my wife from lens of Christ, unconditionally as a choice and not a feeling. I have also sustained a 31+ year career in the mortgage industry, having helped thousands of clients, including 100’s who were getting divorced and needed to buy a new home, keep the existing home, or needed a plan to eventually buy.

As a national mortgage lender, my firm serves clients in all states except for New York, Hawaii, and Alaska. I am the head of our lending division, which provides me the authority to give approval for customized solutions that do not need to be signed off on by someone else. My team members and I not only listen well and give our clients options to make decisions that are right for them, but we collaborate with our client’s divorce attorneys to ensure the plan of action includes their wellbeing, whether that means keeping the current home, buying a new home, or putting a plan in place to eventually buy a new home.


Phil LaGiglia, Oak Leaf Mortgage


The timing around this collaboration is essential before the divorce is final so that the agreement includes the home financing direction and outlook post-divorce. Whether you utilize me and my team for your needs, or use another lender, please ensure your mortgage lender is engaged with your professional divorce team before your divorce is finalized.

In closing, what I want to say is, with God’s help, I serve others humbly with patience, empathy, care and understanding. It is through my life experiences that I can serve others using the wisdom and knowledge I am blessed to have.

Divorce is devastating.

Among the aspects that can feel particularly heartbreaking is the possibility that you won’t be able to afford to stay in your home, or that you won’t qualify for a mortgage, either for your current home or a new home. Both my experience as a mortgage lender and my personal past have led me to a place where I understand your fears, your sadness, and even your cautious optimism. If you’d like to tell me about your divorce situation as it pertains to your housing situation, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Phil LaGiglia
Mortgage Lender, Senior Vice President, North Shore Trust and Savings


Philip LaGiglia is a seasoned executive who for the last 30+ years has successfully built from start up, grew, and stabilized numerous mortgage lending platforms within the mortgage and banking industries. Phil promotes within his management style a culture that focuses on Faith, Family, and Business being the order of priority for each employee to support a balanced life style that breeds overall success for all staff members in every aspect of life. A firm believer in identifying purpose and applying a plan around that purpose, Phil is a driven leader who leads by example knowing any success is achieved by the efforts of all. Learn more on his website.

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