How Do You Stop Loving Someone? Let Me Count The Ways…


August 16th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

We’ve all heard that divorce story…about the couple who went to court on the day of their divorce, and then after it was final got a hotel room and had sex. I have heard those stories, but never talked with anyone firsthand who admitted they actu...

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Loneliness: It Might Be The Worst Pain Someone Can Feel


August 6th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

The other day, I ran into a divorced woman who I hadn’t seen in awhile. We said hello and then I started asking her questions—you know, the typical things you ask someone. “How’s life?” “What have you been up to?” “How’s work?” ...

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Thinking Of Having Plastic Surgery After Divorce?


July 24th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

I remember hearing a long time ago that the most common plastic surgery after divorce was breast implants. If that statement is accurate, I would not be surprised. I would think many women contemplate plastic surgery after divorce because they feel i...

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Divorced Dad Dating Needs Advice For Confidence


July 21st, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

This divorced dad dating needs some help. Read his story and feel free to offer him your advice! I’m 33 and a single father. My wife left me for a woman. I find the dating game terrifying, with Tinder, Snapchat and all the latest dating tools I ...

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Confronting A Cheater: 3 Different Reactions You Could Get


July 14th, 2017 . Jackie Pilossoph

 I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be confronting a cheater. “Um, honey…(in that walking on eggshell tone), can I talk to you?” Brutal!   Unfortunately, I have heard countless stories from both men and women who have con...

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