The Hidden Benefits of Bad Blind Dates



By Jackie Pilossoph, Divorced Girl Smiling Editor-in-Chief

Your girlfriend’s sister tells you about this great guy she thinks you should meet. Immediately, you go on her facebook page to check him out, and the second you see his picture you decline the offer to be set up, trying your best to avoid bad blind dates.

Or, even worse, he doesn’t have a facebook photo, so you agree to the date, and the minute you walk into the restaurant and see him, you feel frustrated that you now have to spend the next hour having dinner with a guy who has absolutely no chance of turning into your boyfriend.By the way, the reverse of this situation happens just as often, where the guy is disappointed at the site of the girl.

Having been on dozens of blind dates in my lifetime, (lots of good and bad blind dates) both as a young person before marriage and as a divorced woman in my forties, I can tell you that these scenarios are very familiar to me. I’ve been on dates where I knew the second I saw the guy that there was no way. I’ve also had dates where I could sense that the minute the guy saw me, he was not interested in the least.

I’ve come to realize something, however that never dawned on me until a few years ago: bad blind dates have hidden benefits that few people realize.

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